Selucian Army
Exercitus Selucianus
Selucian Army flag
Flag of the Selucian Army
Active 12 August 1811 - present
Country Selucia
Allegiance Consuls
Branch Armed Forces of Selucia
Type Army
Size XXX active personnel (excluding special operations forces)
Motto Salus Rei Publicae Suprema Lex Esto (The welfare of the Republic shall be the supreme law)
Battle standard Exercitus

The Selucian Army (Selucian: Exercitus Selucianus) is the unified land combat force of the Armed Forces of Selucia. In the past the core unit of the land forces were the Legions, but in time a modern organization was adopted, grouping legions into divisions (divisiones) and armies (exercitus), while legions continue to exist as the equivalent of brigades in other land forces, remaining the main organizational unit of the land forces.

Selucia's army units are divided in three classes. Praetorian Guards (Praetoriani), the regular field units (Exercitus) and the provincial units (Auxilia). The soldiers of the Legions are very well trained and equipped and depending on their post they have to serve between 5 and 40 years. Those of the Auxilia have to serve 25 years and their commanders come from the Legions. One may rank the Auxilia as "not first line" troops but they also are not 2nd line ones. The Praetorian Guards are the best trained and equipped. While the serving duties are the same of those of the Legions their main focus is the protection of the Capital, Consuls, and Senate. Once deployed into the front lines they are often able to decide the fate of a battle. If there is a state visit they are those who are showing the colours.


Symbol Name Number of personnel Number of subordinate units Rank of leader
XXXXXX Regio or Theatrum 1 000 000+ 4+ Exercituum Greges Legatus Comitatensis (OF-9) or Consul Militaris (OF-10)
XXXXX Exercituum Grex 250 000+ 2+ Exerciti Legatus Comitatensis (OF-9) or Consul Militaris (OF-10)
XXXX Exercitus / Armatus / Comitatus 60 000–100 000+ 2–4 Corpora Legatus Comitatensis (OF-9)
XXX Corpus 30 000–50 000+ 2+ Divisiones Legatus Corporis (OF-8)
XX Divisio 10 000–20 000 2–4 Legiones Legatus Divisionis (OF-7)
X Legio 3000–5000 3-6 Cohortes or 2+ Regimenta Legatus Legionis (OF-6)
III Regimentum 2000–3000 2+ Cohortes Tribunus Laticlavius (OF-5) Not normally used
II Cohors 300–1000 2–6 Centuriae Praefectus (OF-4)
I Centuria 70–250 2–8 Turmae Centurio (OF-2)
••• Turma 25–60 2+ Decuriae or Contubernia Optio Minor or Optio Maior (OF-1)
•• Decuria 8–24 2+ Quaterniones Decurio (OR-5) or Decurio Maior (OR-6)
Contubernium 8-12
Ø Quaternio 4–5 n/a Decurio Optio (OR-4)
ø Sclopetarii Par 2 n/a Miles Maior (OR-3)

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