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The Selucian National Games (Selucian: Ludi Seluciani) were originally a festival, or celebration of and for the Gods of Religio Seluciana, established by the Selucian Empire after the Unification of Selucia and the establishment of the Religio as the new state's official religion. The games were initially organized by the consuls and later by the Curule Aediles. They are a series of athletic competitions among athletes from the five provinces of Selucia. Selucians gave them a mythological origin. They are currently held every five years, and only two athletes are crowned victors, after they compete in all sports, with distinction between men and women.

During the celebration of the games in the past, an Honour Truce was enacted so that athletes could travel from their cities to the games in safety. The prizes for the victors were olive leaf wreaths or crowns. In times of war, priests would offer sacrifices to the gods for victory. Victors at the Games were honored, and their feats chronicled for future generations. They are considered to be extremely hard, and in the past, athletes would even die in them, with the last athlete dying in 4230.

In 4300, games were restored with the current system (every five years, one man and one woman as winners).

They served as the base for the modern Olympic Games, and nowadays they have become a massive event with an audience of millions and broadcasted internationally.





Modern Events[]

Events at the Games
Sport Classes
Swimming Freestyle 500 m

Freestyle 5 km

Archery Marksmanship


Boxing -
Canoeing -
Cycling Mountain biking


Diving -
Judo -
Pentathlon -
Rowing -
Shooting -
Tennis -
Weightlifting -
Drama -
Poetry -
Wrestling -
Mountain Climbing -
Javelin Throw -

Modern Winners[]

Year Men Women
Name Province Name Province
4300 Stadius Perpenna East Shadar Flag.pngORI Uulia Sabinius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4305 Stadius Perpenna (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI Tadia Paetinus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4310 Stadius Perpenna (3) East Shadar Flag.pngORI Clodia Photius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4315 Turbalio Scingus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Marcia Calvus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4320 Tedusius Dignus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Lartia Tutor Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4325 Turbalio Scingus (2) West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Atia Andronicus Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4330 Sagaristio Sigilis East Shadar Flag.pngORI Atia Andronicus (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4335 Laurentius Vespillo East Shadar Flag.pngORI Volusenna Maltinus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4340 Sphaerio Sura East Shadar Flag.pngORI Francisca Linus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4345 Argos Loukas Uleroth Flag.pngINS Airlia Halla Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4350 Hegio Velius Uleroth Flag.pngINS Airlia Halla (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4355 Citro Arcadius Korgana Flag.pngMAR Airlia Halla (3) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4360 Citro Arcadius (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Airlia Halla (4) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4365 Lampadio Placidus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Katea Kana Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4370 Charmides Spendius Uleroth Flag.pngINS Naevia Paenula East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4375 Sulpicio Dorotheus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Calvisia Iustus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4380 Rogerius Capiton West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Isaura Valli Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4385 Rogerius Capiton (2) West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Cluilia Tutor West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4390 Rogerius Capiton (3) West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Phoenia Coilla East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4395 Arvasio Difero Uleroth Flag.pngINS Aemidia Prulia East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4400 Arvasio Difero (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS Aemidia Prulia (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4405 Arvasio Difero (3) Uleroth Flag.pngINS Tullia Pragmia Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4410 Lycus Frontalis Korgana Flag.pngMAR Hosidia Cicero Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4415 Chalius Fidelis Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Hosidia Cicero (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4420 Telestis Sympronian East Shadar Flag.pngORI Caesonia Asellio Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4425 Sosicles Murena West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Tullia Pastor Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4430 Telestis Sympronian (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI Oppia Germanicus Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4435 Hegio Clemens Korgana Flag.pngMAR Oppia Germanicus (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4440 Citro Patricius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Tullia Pastor (2) Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4445 Cario Frugius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Cluilia Bato Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4450 Pseudolus Dardanius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Cluilia Bato (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4455 Simo Senilis Korgana Flag.pngMAR Betucia Iustinus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4460 Simo Senilis (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Cluilia Bato (3) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4465 Sagaristio Majus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Plotia Leddica Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4470 Hegio Plautis Korgana Flag.pngMAR Arsinia Tutor Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4475 Erotium Clarus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Arsinia Tutor (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4480 Cario Fronto Korgana Flag.pngMAR Arsinia Tutor (3) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4485 Erotium Clarus (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI Viridia Audens Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4490 Cario Fronto (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Volusia Ravilla Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4495 Fridericus Camerius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Volusia Ravilla (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4500 Cario Fronto (3) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Modesta Plautis Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4505 Ergalisus Cosmas Uleroth Flag.pngINS Sextia Uticensis Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4510 Gripus Trebonius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Palaestra Calpurnia East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4515 Sulpicio Sisinnius West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Didia B. Scato Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4520 Antipho Scapula Uleroth Flag.pngINS Barbatia Livigena Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4525 Sulpicio Sisinnius (2) West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Nigilia Mus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4530 Giddenis Crescentius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Salvia Aria Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4535 Giddenis Crescentius (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI Petellia Auila Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4540 Baebio Larcius Korgana Flag.pngMAR Salvia Aria (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4545 Virgo Castorius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Mucia T. Bulla Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4550 Selenium Senilis West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Mucia T. Bulla (2) Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4555 Nicobulus Potitus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Clovia Cania East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4560 Selenium Senilis (2) West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Munia Zena Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4565 Curculio Valgus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Marcella Maursa Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4570 Curculio Valgus (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Considia Iustinia Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4575 Peniculus Dominicus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Marcella Maursa (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4580 Ergalisus Asellio Uleroth Flag.pngINS Canidia Capraria West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4585 Ergalisus Asellio (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS Juventia Sulina West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4590 Argyrippus Calenus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Maria Encratis East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4595 Coquus Surinus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Maria Encratis (2) East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4600 Messenio Decmitius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Hortensia Scapula Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4605 Coquus Surinus (2) Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Furia Fullofaudes Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4610 Philocrates Superstes Uleroth Flag.pngINS Cominia Cyricus Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4615 Nicodemus Cornutus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Festinia Moderatus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4620 Lydus Priscillius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Modesta Vitalinus Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4625 Adulescens Magnentius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Arria Paulinus Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4630 Stratipoccles Nertomarus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Avita Venantius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4635 Theopropides Herminus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Macrinia Similis East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4640 Theopropides Herminus (2) Korgana Flag.pngMAR Palaestra Volusenus Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4645 Rogerius Nazarius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Gratia Faber West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4650 Gallicles Jacobi Uleroth Flag.pngINS Betiliena Rutilius East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4655 Lyconides Iuvenlis Uleroth Flag.pngINS Nigidia Laeca Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4660 Sphaerio Velus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Accoleia Segestes Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4665 Panegyris Musicus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Sulpicia Auxientius East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4670 Sergius Bibaculus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Nigidia Laeca (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4675 Truculentus Gualterus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Sornatia Florius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4680 Firminus Ambrosius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Sornatia Florius (2) Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4685 Misargyrides Ahala Uleroth Flag.pngINS Sergia Amantius Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4690 Crocotium Rectus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Turullia Censorius West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4695 Diniarchus Iuncinus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Calventia Planta Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4700 Laurentius Gorgonius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Fulvia Scrofa Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4705 Citrio Bulla Uleroth Flag.pngINS Cornelia Magunnus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4710 Bromia Faustinius Korgana Flag.pngMAR Rutilia Litumaris East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4715 Dorippa Photius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Hortensia Commius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4720 Alcmena Albanus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Cominia Ventor Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4725 Cacistus Congrio Uleroth Flag.pngINS Cominia Ventor (2) Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4730 Milphio Martinus East Shadar Flag.pngORI Servilia Tarquinius East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4735 Philocrates Catilina Uleroth Flag.pngINS Caesulena Orissus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4740 Lorarii Catus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Mamilia Sylvian Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4745 Megadorus Memor Uleroth Flag.pngINS Pompilia Protacius East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4750 Charmides Arcadius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Papia Aetius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA
4755 Blepharo Pollienus Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Tettidia Agorix Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4760 Calidorus Eudomius East Shadar Flag.pngORI Modia Gregorius West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4765 Harpax Venator Uleroth Flag.pngINS Faleria Lepidus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC
4770 Philto Cumanus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Acilia Opis East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4775 Callipho Excingus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Myrrhina Trifer Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4780 Messenio Gluvias Uleroth Flag.pngINS Minucia Belletor East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4785 Dorippa Claudius Kal Serathi Flag.pngCPA Lampronia Belisarius Korgana Flag.pngMAR
4790 Franciscus Tanicus West Shadar Flag.pngOCC Marcella Glycia Uleroth Flag.pngINS
4795 Hegio Natalinus Korgana Flag.pngMAR Adriana Caecus East Shadar Flag.pngORI
4800 Sceledrus Bato Oleria flag.pngOLE Minicia Apian Oleria flag.pngOLE
4805 Iosephus Gordian Oleria flag.pngOLE Lucia Faustus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4810 Tranio Collatinus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Papia Sejanus Calatia flag.pngCAL
4815 Citrio Iuncus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Lucia Faustus (2) Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4820 Sycophanta Gaius Corgana flag.pngCOR Fulvia Albani Oleria flag.pngOLE
4825 Franciscus Vepgenus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Aurelia Ahenobarbus Oleria flag.pngOLE
4830 Leonida Iuvenlis Oleria flag.pngOLE Balventia Mancinus Corgana flag.pngCOR
4835 Franciscus Vepgenus (2) Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Stephana Corvinus Calatia flag.pngCAL
4840 Cocus Florius Calatia flag.pngCAL Fundana Fimbria Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4845 Sceparnio Fadus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Balventia Mancinus Corgana flag.pngCOR
4850 Godefridus Panthera Oleria flag.pngOLE Stephana Corvinus (2) Calatia flag.pngCAL
4855 Godefridus Panthera (2) Oleria flag.pngOLE Angela Noster Oleria flag.pngOLE
4860 Citrio Lupicinus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Junia Restitutus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4865 Abundantius Romanus Corgana flag.pngCOR Ausonia Calenus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC
4870 Lemniselenis Abito Oleria flag.pngOLE Hortensia Abito Oleria flag.pngOLE
4875 Abundantius Romanus (2) Corgana flag.pngCOR Lucretia Gavrus Corgana flag.pngCOR
4880 Bacchis Brocchus Calatia flag.pngCAL Cicereia Olivarius Calatia flag.pngCAL
4885 Lampadio Mercurinus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Cicereia Olivarius (2) Calatia flag.pngCAL
4890 Paegnium Proxsimus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Junia Tiburtius Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC
4895 Phanostrata Calvus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Nigilia Indus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4900 Stalagmus Rogelius Calatia flag.pngCAL Nigilia Auxentius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4905 Pistoclerus Arborius Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Accia Arius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4910 Sycophanta Martyrius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Longinia Commidus Corgana flag.pngCOR
4915 Argyrippus Cunobarrus Corgana flag.pngCOR Nigilia Rutilius Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC
4920 Chrysalus Bellator Oleria flag.pngOLE Sittia Lucio Calatia flag.pngCAL
4925 Angelus Italicus Corgana flag.pngCOR Volaginia Octavian Oleria flag.pngOLE
4930 Phaedromus Maius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Volaginia Octavian (2) Oleria flag.pngOLE
4935 Severinus Drusus Calatia flag.pngCAL Volaginia Octavian (3) Oleria flag.pngOLE
4940 Stratophanes Calpornius Calatia flag.pngCAL Pompilia Tremellius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4945 Palinurus Donatus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Vibenia Scaurus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC
4950 Ergalisus Amor Oleria flag.pngOLE Armenia Hilaris Corgana flag.pngCOR
4955 Ergalisus Amor (2) Oleria flag.pngOLE Caedicia Thrasea Oleria flag.pngOLE
4960 Lesbonicus Sejanus Oleria flag.pngOLE Vibia Eborius Calatia flag.pngCAL
4965 Mulier Excingus Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR Viridia Rullus Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC
4970 Eligius Maternus Corgana flag.pngCOR Vesuvia Poplicola Oleria flag.pngOLE
4975 Sobersides Ursus Calatia flag.pngCAL Antonia Pansa Oleria flag.pngOLE
4980 Blepharo Trenico Oleria flag.pngOLE Coruncania Florius Calatia flag.pngCAL
4985 Chalinus Auspex Oleria flag.pngOLE Blossia Cerularius Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR
4990 Harpax Pamphilius Sadaria Occidentalis flag.pngSOC Minicia Iustinus Corgana flag.pngCOR
4995 Adulescens Neneus Calatia flag.pngCAL Fundana Commidius Oleria flag.pngOLE
5000 Philolaches Messala Oleria flag.pngOLE Blossia Cerularius (2) Sadaria Orientalis flag.pngSOR

Famous athletes[]

Winners by region[]

Province Men Women Total victories Podium sweep
Last victory Last victory Years
Calatia flag.png Calatia (formerly Cor Patriae) 21 4995 27 4980 48 3 4680, 4750, 4880
Oleria flag.png Oleria (formerly Insularia) 32 5000 40 4995 72 9 4345, 4350, 4610, 4655, 4725, 4800, 4855, 4870, 4955
Corgana flag.png Corgana (formerly Marestella) 29 4970 26 4990 55 9 4320, 4410, 4435, 4490, 4540, 4565, 4570, 4640, 4875
Sadaria Occidentalis flag.png Sadaria Occidentalis (formerly Occidentria) 23 4990 20 4965 43 5 4385, 4525, 4615, 4690, 4945
Sadaria Orientalis flag.png Sadaria Orientalis (formerly Oriensos) 34 4965 27 5000 61 3 4510, 4730, 4815