Selucian Navy
Classis Seluciana
Active 12 August 1811 - present
Country Selucia
Allegiance Consuls
Branch Armed Forces of Selucia
Type Navy
Size 24 Ships

16 aircraft

Motto Patria et Honor (Fatherland and Honor)

The Selucian Navy (Selucian: Classis Seluciana) is the naval arm of the Armed Forces of Selucia. Selucia has a modern and well equipped navy. As a sea nation it is important to secure the sea-lanes and national waters against piracy, smugglers and threats of foreign nations against Selucia.

The Selucian Navy is divided in three fleets, the Praetorian Fleet and two regional fleets. The Praetorian Fleet (Classis Praetoria Assedonensis Pia Vindex) is based in Assedo and is the senior fleet of the Selucian navy; its mission is to patrol the Majatran Sea and to assist in the operations of the Army. The Praetorian Fleet also contains naval aviation and naval infantry units. The two regional fleets are tasked with keeping the national waters free of piracy and smugglers. They are also handling "Search and Rescue" missions. The standard term of service in the Navy is 25 years.

For the coastal patrols Selucia uses Cruiser squadrons to search for pirates, smugglers and illigal immigrants. They are also part of the coastal defense while the destroyers operate in the blue sea as independent groups or in the carrier task force. An interesting sidenote is the fact the civil merchant fleet is always looking to get sailors from the cruiser units as they are best trained have a lot of experience and are still young enough. Further 5 Navy Brigades and 10 Marine Brigades are in the Selucian Navy both trained for amphibious operations. This ensures Selucia's ability to react fast and direct to conflicts. 116.370 men and woman are serving in the Selucian Navy.

During the 44th century, its quality was improved by successive governments increasing the spend, becoming one of the major Majatran naval forces.


Unit Name Vessel types No. of Vessels Officer in command
Sedes Copiarum Navalium (Navy or Admiralty) All vessels in the navy 2+ Classes Summus Classis Praefectus (Fleet Admiral)
Classis (Fleet) All vessels in a general region 2+ Classes Bellatoriae or Copiae Vexillariae Classis Praefectus (Admiral)
Classis Bellatoria (Battle Fleet) or Copiae Vexillariae (Task Force) A large number of vessels of all types 2+ Greges Vexillarii Classis Subpraefectus (Vice Admiral)
Grex Vexillarius (Task Group) A collection of complementary vessels 2+ Vexillationes or Alae Navarchorum Praefectus (Rear Admiral)
Ala Navalis (Squadron) or Vexillatio (Task Unit) Usually capital ships A small number of vessels Navarchorum Praefectus (Rear Admiral) or Classiculae Praefectus (Flotilla Admiral)
Classicula (Flotilla) or Vexilliatio (Task Unit) Usually not capital ships A small number of vessels, usually of the same or similar types Navarchorum Praefectus (Rear Admiral) or Classiculae Praefectus (Flotilla Admiral)
Elementum Copiarum Navalium (Task Element) A single vessel One Navarchus Princeps (Captain) or Navarchus (Commander)

Selucian Navy ships Edit

Submarine fleet Edit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Harbor
Custos class 3
Ballistic missile submarine Custos



14,340 tonnes Insularia


Cor Patriae

S-80 Submarine 4
Selucian submarine
Attack submarine Fulgur I

Fulgur II

Fulgur III

Fulgur IV

1,760 tonnes Insularia

Amphibious fleet Edit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Harbor
Supernova class 1
Supernova ship
Aircraft carrier Supernova

Fragor (under construction)

100,000 tonnes Insularia
Iustitia class 2
Amphibious Assault Selucia
Amphibious assault ship

Also used as aircraft carrier.



27,079 tonnes Insularia
Stella class 2
Dock Selucia
Amphibious transport dock Stella


13,815 tonnes Oriensos

Major surface combatantsEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Harbor
Tempestas class 2
Selucian Destroyer
Air-defence destroyer Tempestas


6,391 tonnes Insularia
Timor class 5
Antisub Selucia
Anti-submarine destroyer Virtus





4,500 tonnes Occidentria



Resistentia class 6
Selucian Frigate
General-purpose frigate Resistentia






4,017 tonnes Insularia



Patrol Edit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Harbor
Meteorum class 4
Patrol Selucia
Offshore patrol vessel Meteorum




2,670 tonnes Insularia

Cor Patriae


Cor Patriae

Argentea class 3
Selucia Patrol 2
Offshore patrol vessel Argentea



2,990 tonnes Oriensos



Vigilans class 5
Patrol boat Vigilans





1,106 tonnes Insularia


Cor Patriae



Training Edit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Harbor
Selucian training
Sail training vessel Icarion Dadhelus 3,700 tonnes Marestella
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