Selucian Traditional Movement
Motus Traditionalis Selucianus
ChairpersonDionysodorus Calpurnius
General SecretaryLuciana Libitina, Minerva Augustina
FounderEuthymia Bellona, Faustinus Pamphilus
FoundedNovember 19, 4801
HeadquartersArgona, Sadaria Occidentalis
Student wingStudents for Mos Maiorum
Youth wingYoung Traditionalists
Women's wingTraditionalist Women
LGBT wingQueer Traditionalists
IdeologyTraditional conservatism
Pagan traditionalism
Imperial republicanism, Localism
Political positionRight
ReligionReligio Seluciana
Colors     MidnightBlue
People's Assembly
304 / 750
2 / 5
0 / 14
4 / 7

The Selucian Traditional Movement (Selucian Motus Traditionalis Selucianus) is a political party in Selucia, founded in November 4801 during the 11th Republic. The Movement was founded by deputies serving in the People's Constituent Assembly (4797-4802) with the goal of continuing the policies and reforms introduced by the Duodecemvirs. The Movement is dedicated to restoring the institutions and cultural and religious practices of the first Selucian republic and adapting them to a modern context. Most controversially, one of the party's main goals is the establishment of Selucian polytheism as the dominant religion in Selucia, although the Movement is also supported by Hosians associated with the Constitutionalist faction in the Aurorian Patriarchal Church and atheists and agnostics affiliated with the non-theistic "Church of Reason".

Ideological positioning of the Selucian Traditional Movement

Although in the first elections of the new party it only gained 14% of the vote, it quickly rebounded in 4807 to become the largest political faction in Selucia, a position it maintained in the following elections. In 4817 the Selucian Traditional Movement lost its absolute majority, but it retained its status as the largest party as well as control over six of the seven tribunates.

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