Total population
99 million
Regions with significant populations
Selucia new flag Selucia
Pontesifree Pontesi
Flag of Most Serene Cildania Cildania
Jelbic caliphate peace flag Barmenia
Beeitflag Beiteynu
80,7 million
6 million
5 million
3 million
3 million
Selucian language
Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Religio Seluciana
Related ethnic groups
Augustans, Canrillaise, Ushalandans, Istalians

The Selucians (Selucian: Seluciani) are the dominant ethnic group in Selucia, and a significant minority in several neighbouring nations. Apart from ethnic Selucians, the group also includes a number of people of mixed ethnic heritage, legacy of Selucian colonialism; of these the most important are Seluco-Pontesians, Seluco-Cildanians, or Seluco-Barmenians. Selucians speak the Selucian language, the collective name for Modern Standard Selucian (the modernized form of Classical Selucian) and a number of dialects used exclusively in informal speech. In areas outside Selucian control Selucian groups evolved into modern Selucic peoples, primarily distinguished from Selucians in that their dialects were formalized as literary languages, unlike the Selucian dialects spoken by modern Selucians. Selucians are religiously divided between Hosianism, primarily under the Aurorian Patriarchal Church, and Selucian Paganism, known as Religio Seluciana

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