Senate of Likatonia
16th Senate
Coat of arms or logo
Preceded byHouse of Representatives
Dominic Oakley, Labour Party
Leader of the Opposition
Likatonia Senate 4758
Senate political groups
Government (57)

     CRP (19)
     Lab (15)
     LD (12)
     Mod (11)
Opposition (43)
     Dem (25)

     IRP (18)
Length of term
3 years
Regional Party Lists
Senate last election
August 4758
Meeting place
Senate Building, Clovisport, West Bolton, Likatonia

The Senate is the national legislature of Likatonia. According to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Likatonia it alone possesses supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in Likatonia. Officially, it is lead by the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Likatonia. The Senate is the unicameral, democratically elected chamber with elections every three years unless a snap election is called.

Senate Building of Likatonia

The Senate Building in Clovisport

The body meets in the Senate Building in ClovisportWest Bolton. By law, all of the cabinet must be members of the Senate, thereby making the government accountable to the the legislature.

The body is officially opened and disolved by the President. This is one of his many ceremonial roles.


As the legislative branch of Likatonia, the Senate performs the normal functions of a legislature in a parliamentary democracy. It proposes and enacts laws, amends the constitution and appoints a government. To amend to the Constitution the Senate must vote for the change in a 2/3 majority. The seante also votes for appointments to the Supreme Court proposed by the President. This is decided by a 3/5 majority.

Previous LegislatureEdit

Before 4718 Likatonia's legislature was known as the House of Representatives. Members to the house varied from 200 to 750 but it was replaced after a major constitutional change proposed by the Labour Party and voted by the rest of the legislature.

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