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City of Labor
Seongtaek City of Labor
Seongtaek Old Town
Seongtaek Old Town
Flag of Seongtaek
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Official seal of Seongtaek
City Insignia
CountryUCCRFlag.png UCCR
RepublicKCCR.png Kyo CCR
Population 4,121,320

Seongtaek (Kyo: 성택), officially the Seongtaek City of Labor (Kyo: 성택로동시), is capital and largest city of the UCCR. The city is the busiest port in the nation and most international shipping goes through Seongtaek. Seongtaek is a technological hub and is home to the headquarters of the majority of the UCCR's commissariats.

Seongtaek has been at the center of much of the UCCR's modern economic development and this central role became even more defined after Hyeokjin was twice destroyed during wars. Older districts of Seongtaek still boast historic Kyo palaces, pagodas, gates, and temples, while the Egelian Corner has colonial architecture that defined Santa Sharika. Sprawling newer districts are highly modern and scattered with numerous skyscrapers; though in recent years architectural styles have diversified.

The City was historically a melting pot of different ethnicities; and still retains an prominent Draniano Egelian Corner. However; in recent years; it has become increasingly Kyo-dominated.


The city has origins as a Kyo fishing village before Egelian settlers established the colonial city of Santa Sharika in 1850. Santa Sharika grew exponentially over the years, serving as a crucial port for the Selucian Empire in northern Dovani. After the Great Kyo Revolution of 3608 the city was renamed to Seongtaek in recognition of the original Kyo inhabitants. Today historic Santa Sharika exists as a ward within Seongtaek and it is a popular tourist spot due to its unique Kyo-Egelian architecture and preserved old-fashioned urban design.


Seongtaek is located in the southern region of Valdoria along the coast of the Anantonese Ocean. Much of Seongtaek is flat and heavily urbanized but further inland is considerably hilly.

Muhandae World Tower, completed in 3645.

Seongtaek has one of the more favorable climates on the Kyo Peninsula as a result of warmer winds that come off the Anantonese Ocean from the south. The warmer months can be quite rainy, particularly during monsoon season in mid-August to late-September. The winters can be very cold but snow is less common in Seongtaek compared to the rest of the UCCR.


Seongtaek is an economic powerhouse in the Hyonggi region and the main driver of the national Rowiet economy. The port of Seongtaek also has a role as a cruise line hub, adding to the touristic attraction of the city.

The headquarters of the Commissariat for National Economy are centered in Seongtaek; and much of production is centralized within. Factories; power plants; and other establishments are much more plentiful here than in other Rowiet cities.




Government and politics[]

The Seongtaek Rowi runs the city; and is elected through district allocated workers' ballots. It is not elected by universal vote but by indirect election through workspaces and labor committees. Seongtaek also has a mayor; elected through universal ballot.

Administrative wards[]

Seongtaek is divided into 20 districts (Bu). The government of each ward handles many of the functions that are handled by city governments in other jurisdictions. Each ward is divided into neighborhoods.

Map Name Population
Map of Seongtaek.png
Anseong 236,234
Borseong 230,982
Kangnam 337,402
Aepal 141,621
Haejo 160,586
Jeonhae 316,071
Jeonpo 98,670
Jincho 308,493
Kasil 70,394
Kunpo 95,075
Bukhang 207,001
Namhang 280,885
Garyeo 245,774
Olmeo 149,423
Egelian Corner 181,601
Sango 272,724
Cheoju 310,115
Sokchon 213,906
Taepo 176,100
Wongye 88,263


The central wards of Seongtaek are notable for their high population density and the city as a whole is the most densely populated city in the UCCR. As of the most recent census the population was 3.1 million.

Seongtaek was historically a very diverse city due to its position as an international hub. Due to the isolation after the August Revolution coupled with resettlement and war; the city is now Kyo-dominated. Approximately 83% of Seongtaek are Kyo, 10% Dranianos, 5% other Gao-Showa, and 2% Draddwyr.

Over half the population of Seongtaek is irreligious. Of those with religious affiliation, Sindo-Daenism and Hosianism are the two largest religions, followed by Jienism and Seodongyo.


Public transportation is incredibly common and universally funded by the government; with the Seongtaek Metro known to have one of the most elaborate terminals in the world.

Public transport in the city also includes buses and an old-styled tram in the Santa Sharika Historic Quarter.

The largest Rowiet airport is Seongtaek International Airport, located in the Sokchon Ward.

The Port of Seongtaek is the primary container and passenger port in the UCCR. Much of the nation's international shipping goes through this port.


Seongtaek; along with Hyeokjin; is one of the cultural powerhouses of the UCCR. It is one of the main hubs for E-Sports, Kyo-Pop, and KDramas that are popular across Terra.

In addition; most of the newer architecture is in either the Kyo Revival or the Mirae style; and Seongtaek Old Town is full of old and culturally valuable buildings.







  • National University of Law & Government (public)
  • Seongtaek State University (public)

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