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Administrative status
Mayor Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
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Population 1.2 million
Region Sanko
Nation Sekowo

Seritei (芹台市 Seritei-shi, Sekowan: Seritee) is the largest city of the Han of Sanko, home to 1.2 million people.


The city of Seritei has a unique history in that it is considered both old and new.

Seritei was the result of the conglomeration of three smaller cities, the regional capital of Katanus and two of its satelite cities.

Seritei came into existence as a single municipal body in 2530.



Seritei is served by two main newspapers, the Seritei Star and the Seritei Shimbun both of which have switched fully to digital service, though the Seritei Shimbun provides physical papers for an extra fee.


Seritei is home to several Universities, charter schools and Higher Education Facilities.

Following the Metropolitan Education Law of 2555 private and religious schools are forbidden from operating within the Seritei metropolitan area.

Primary EducationEdit

Seritei is served by 17 Elementary schools, 10 Middle Schools and 25 High Schools.

Fourteen Primary level charter schools using alternative teaching methods also operate in Seritei.

Higher EducationEdit

Seritei is home to four Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education, Seritei University, Cedar Springs College of Therapy, Sekowo University Seritei Campus and the Seritei Institute of Technology.

Politics and GovernmentEdit

Seritei is run by a council, consisting of nine councilors, directly voted on by the people every three years.

All persons running for a seat on the council are required to suspend their membership in any political party they may belong to while campaigning and/or while holding a position on the council.

Notable ResidentsEdit

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