Shahdom of Barmenia
Brmék Sháknstat
  3788-3811   Jelbic caliphate peace flag.png
Brmek Ahmadi              Coa barmenia

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Temrkai Khan
Capital                     Varishehr
Languages             Brmek (official)
Demonym                Barmenian
Government           Constitutional monarchy
First                           Laurens-Wrntukai
Last                           Kezkai (disputed)
First                           Jusuv Hacisrmko
Last                           Abdlmecid
Legislature             Jezmeclis (Supreme Assembly)
Area                          856,800 km²
Population                 99,761,100
Currency                 Barmenistan (BAR)

The Shahdom of Barmenia (Brmék: ﺑﺮميك شاكنستأت Brmék Sháknstat) was the official name of Barmenistan when it was a part of the Empire of the Jelbic Peoples. The Khagan of the Jelbic Peoples was recognized as the Shah of Barmenia. During the Shahdom Barmenistan adopted radical Jelbic nationalism, and was responsible for the ban on Felinism and the resulting marginalization of Felinists. The Shahdom was plagued by sectarian conflict throughout its existence, until in January 3804 representatives of the Shahdom government and leaders of the main religious militias in Barmenistan met in the Kathuran city of Ur Bahra, adopting an agreement that implemented a system of confessionalism, whereby all recognized religious communities were to be proportionally represented at the central level according to their respective demographic weight. The Shahdom was overthrown after the Khagan agreed to place a Kamék, a member of Prophet Ahmad's clan, as the Yabek (Viceroy) of Barmenistan in 3804. Abdlmecid Ám'ádsrmko Kamék, the new Yabek, had himself proclaimed Caliph in 3811, in the middle of the Jelbic War, and rebelled against the Khaganate, ultimately bringing the Empire of the Jelbic Peoples to an end.


The Shahdom was governed under a system of confessionalism, a de jure mix of religion and politics based on the proportional distribution of political and institutional power among religious communities. All posts in government and seats in the legislature were apportioned amongst different religious groups according to a political agreement, based on the relative demographic weight of those groups. The Barmenian legal system also guaranteed segmental autonomy to 6 recognized communities (Israis, Abadis, Barmenian Apostolic Hosians, Selucian Patriarchal Hosians, Yeudis, and Oseyim) in what concerned personal status law.

The Shahdom was a constitutional monarchy. Following Barmenistan's joining the Empire of the Jelbic Peoples, the Shah was the Khagan of the Jelbic Peoples. The Shah was represented in Barmenistan by a Yabek (Viceroy), appointed by the Khagan and exercising his authority in the Shahdom.

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