Shiratoku Action Party
Shiratoku Action Party logo
Political Ideology
Political Position Left
Political Compass
Economic Left/Right -9.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian -7.00
Founded 2520
Party Leader SAP Council
Headquarters Kayabuki Tower
City Kyoshi
State Shiratoku
Nation Sekowo

The Shiratoku Action Party, Shirato-ku Kōdō-tō (白戸区行動党) or SAP is a political party in the State of Shiratoku of the Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo and a member of the Kunihito Jinmin Furonto.


The SAP was founded in 2520, twenty-one years after the founding of Shiratoku in response to what many saw as forced economic deregulation and environmental regulation degradation by the Federal government.

Over its histroy the SAP managed to become the second largest party in Shiratoku, and, in recent years has managed to beat out the Shiratokan brnach of the DSP for the title of largest party.

In 3678 it joined the Communist Party of Shiratoku and Sekouo no Aikoku Kyōsan-tō to form a "Kunihito nationalist and socialist front" later known as Kunihito Jinmin Furonto.


The SAP has over time followed a relatively consistent policy.

Autonomy Edit

The SAP pushes for autonomy for Shiratoku in economic, environmental and several other areas while still remaining a part of the Commonwealth.

Civil LibertiesEdit

The SAP follows the tenants of Social liberalism and progressivism in regards to civil liberties.


The SAP is a socialist party and as such espuses socialist policies on economic matters.


The SAP is an environmentalist party, being the creator of much of the environmentlal legislation and regulation in Shiratu.


The SAP tends to follow a moderate policy on military matters, favouring pacifist stances in some cases and military intervention in others. The SAP supports a large defence budget, military and comprehensive defence systsems such as the Missile Defence Shield.

Religion Edit

While the SAP recognizes freedom of belief as a basic Human Right the SAP does not beleive that this right extends to cover physicality.

The party does not beleive that religion has any place in government or education and as such is opposed to overt religious symbolism being worn in public schools or by public servants and politicians while they learn and/or do their jobs.

Elected OfficialsEdit

The SAP holds positions in all level of Shiratokan government.

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