Shu Province

Flag of Mishari Karula

Shengo Rock
Shengo Rock
Country Indrala
Regional capital Hazhou
  Governing body Shu Province Conference
  Province Secretary Huang Xiuying
  Ruling party(s) National Democrats
Area 383,400 km²
Population 19,893,883 (as of 4264)

Shu, formally known as Shu Province, is one of Indrala's five provinces. It borders Anle to the north-west and Han to the south-west.


Shu is one of the five traditional provinces into which Indrala has been divided for centuries.

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  • Yanwan (岩湾)
  • Zhushan (竹山)
  • Laohuxi (老虎溪)
YuDynastyFlag State of Indrala

瑩大磖國 (Indralan)
Yingdala Guo

History Historic Events: Blue Lotus Rebellion - Dawei Miracle - Southern Hemisphere War - War of Independence - Yu Restoration
Historic Periods: Mesing - Gemu-Teng - Qin - Talmu - Great Xinhan - United Commonwealth - Alorian Protectorate - Gongchang - Mingzhi - He - Yu
Important Sites: Heavenly City - Mengmai - Temple of Ten Thousand Bidars
Geography Natural Features: Anle Range - Baitian Valley - Fehua Bay - Ma-Gan River - Tebie Desert - Shengo Rock
Provinces: Han - Jiaozhi - Min - Anle - Shu
Politics Chief Minister of Indrala - Grand Assembly
Political Parties: Lotus Party - New Dawn - Social Democratic Party
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Religion: Jienism - Guidao - Daenism (Mazdâyanâ, Zenshō) - Seodongyo
Culture Monarchy - Nobility - Sport - YingPop
Economy Agriculture - Banking - Caizu - Industry - Jiaozhi Miracle - Mining - Tourism