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Sieuwerd Cuijpers

Staatsminister of the Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria
In office
March 1, 2789 – January 14, 2792
Preceded by

Minister of Internal Affairs and Vizestaatsminister of Greater Hulstria
In office
November 7, 2778 – March 1, 2789
Succeeded by
Alois Schlender (as Minister of Internal Affairs)

Minister of Finance of Greater Hulstria
In office
January 1, 2772 – April 1, 2774
Succeeded by
Otto Crusius

Minister of Justice of Greater Hulstria
In office
April 29, 2762 – January 1, 2772

November 20, 2722
March 19, 2807
Political party
Sabine Zilberschlag-Cuijpers
Businessman, Politician

His Grace Sieuwerd Cuijpers von Anderinch, Duke of Anderinch (Sieuwerd Cuijpers) was Staatsminister of Greater Hulstria from 2774 to 2778 and again from 2789 to 2792. He has previous served in His Majesty's Government as Staatsminister (2774-2778), Internal Affairs Minister, Vizestaatsminister, Finance Minister and Justice Minister. With thirty years in the cabinet, Cuijpers was the body's senior member.

He served as President of the Christian Liberals from 2784 to late 2795. In the early 2760s he served as Chief Minister of Kuratha for a period of eighteen months. On his seventy-fifth birthday in 2797, Hulstrian Emperor Franz VI ennobled him. He was created Duke of Anderinch and took the new surname von Anderinch.

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