Skalm Stock Exchange
Skalm Børs
Type Securities Exchange
Founded October 22nd, 3400.
Headquarters Skalm, Dreton
Key people Magnus Helseth (CEO)
Torgeir Borre (CFO)
Owners Skalm Stock Exchange Group

The Skalm Stock Exchange (Kazulianisk: Skalm Børs) is the main stock exchange located in Skalm, Dreton. At the forefront of regional integration it is a key driving force in the development of the Dovanian Securities Exchange.

History Edit

The Exchange Securities Market which informally existed in Kazulia for well over twenty years prior to the opening of the Skalm Stock Exchange really achieved significance when the Government decided as a matter of policy to localise the foreign owned commercial banking and manufacturing sectors of the economy. The thrust of the policy was to get such companies to divest and sell a majority of their shares to nationals. In 3400, the Exchange Securities Act was passed introducing the formation of the Skalm Stock Market. Where it became an institution independent of the government in 3990 with the Market Independence and Strategies Act.

Trading Edit

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