Total population
87,000,000 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Telamon Telamon82,100,000
Flag of Kazulia Kazulia4,200,000
Davostan flag Davostan290,000
Flag of Hutori Hutori12,000
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The Skjöld people are an ethnic group native to Telamon, speaking the Skjöldunga language.


The root of the name Skjöld isn't entirely clear. The term Fólkið, meaning "the people", has been suggested as a root by some linguists.


Altfolk expansions

Migration of the ancestors of the Altfolk people

Skjöld people are primarily descended from Dundorfic groups who migrated to Makon from northern Artania during the first millennia. Telan folklore tells the story of Manrick the Terrible, a legendary and brutal figure who led his people across harsh terrain to settle in Telamon. In the south-eastern regions of Makon, the Dundorfic settlers began to establish small settlements. Usually ruled by "Jarls", these settlements slowly grew in size and their rulers came to dominate the native Makonic-speaking populations. Over time, relations between the natives and the settlers became increasingly strained. Although there were some instances of intermarriage and mixed families, these were limited. At some point, a second migration occurred among these early people. These migrants eventually developed into the Kazulian people of northern Dovani.


Skjöld culture was heavily influenced by the early settlements in Telamon. Epic tales of the migrations which brought the settlers to Makon were passed down orally for generations and a high amount of mythology surrounding them developed.


Skjöld naming customs utilise a unique patronymic system for formulating surnames. A surname is typically composed of the fist name of the individual's father's first name with the addition of a suffix, either -son (son) or -dóttir(daughter). For example, if Magnus Einarsson's had a son called Jón then his full name would be Jón Magnusson and if he had a daughter named Björk then her name would be Björk Magnusdóttir. Sometimes, a natronymic surname is used instead but the convention is the same even in these cases. Additionally, it is possible for an individual's surname to be derived from one of the parent's middle name rather than their first name, usually if the parent is better known by their middle name.


Skjöld consists primarily of fish and diary as well as some lamb and poultry. Traditional Skjöld foods include smoked and salted lamb, smoked and pickled salmon and even cured shark.

Notable peopleEdit


Skjöld singer-songwriter Guðný

  • Manrick the Terrible, legendary Skjöld leader
  • Guðný, Skjöld singer-songwriter
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