First Cabinet of Ryan Smith
Date formed17 September 4751
Date dissolved6 October 4757
People and organisations
Head of governmentRyan Smith
Member partyLCP,White Rose, LDP
Opposition partyCPL, Luthori First
PredecessorDalton I Cabinet
SuccessorSimeon I Cabinet

The First Cabinet of Ryan Smith was the government of the Holy Luthorian Empire from September 4751 until October 4757. The cabinet is composed of the LCP, White Rose and the LDP. The Office of the Imperator is held by Daniel Pierson from Luthori First.

This cabinet was less active than the previous ones. Its main reforms are: mandatory vaccination for children, equality between men and women in the army and the legalisation of recreational drugs.

This cabinet is also marked by a Health Reform legalising abortion which was repealed two years later. Changes that provoked confusion.


332 / 650
335 / 650
317 / 650

History Edit

The cabinet is formed on 17 September 4751 with no government program, the parties composing this cabinet having too different positions.

In February 4753, the "Health Reform" is passed.The reform legalises abortion up to 24 weeks, implemements regulations on private clinics,  introduces and actively regulates health and safety legislation in all areas of industry and the government will from now on provide free contraceptives.

The bill was approved by the CPL and the LDP, while the LCP and Luthori First opposed it. What is surprising is the abstention of the White Rose, a traditionally conservative party. This prompted intense debate and criticism within the WR. Finally, the White Rose tried to pass an act to reverse the bill. It nonetheless failed because of the abstention of the LCP.

The Life Act is passed in October 4754, finally repealing the legalisation of abortion.

In March 4755, a reform allowing women to serve in the army alongside men is passed.

In July 4755, the complete "Health Reform" of 4753 is repealed. Also, this implements mandatory vaccination for children. Their parents may opt out for religious or ideological reasons. The same month, another reform removing all IVF regulations is passed.

In October 4755, recreational drug use is legalised.

In the 4756 election, the cabinet kept its majority and gained 3 seats.

In the 4757 election, the cabinet dropped to 317 seats, unable to govern.

On 6 October 4757, the new Simeon I Cabinet was sworn in.

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party
Office of the Imperator Daniel Pierson LF

Position Minister Party
Office of the Imperial Seal Bearer Ryan Smith LCP
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Adam Fauntroy LDP
Deputy Imperial Seal Bearer Dirk Baker LDP
Chancellor of the Exchequer Marquis Francis Stinson WR
Secretary of State for Defence Tim Watts LCP
Chancellor of Justice Edward Rush WR
Secretary of State for the Home Department Grant Kennedy LCP
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Mike Stassen LCP
Secretary of State for Education Frederick Nemri WR
Secretary of State for Food and Rural Affairs Margaret White WR
Secretary of State for the Environment and Tourism Myriam LeBlanc LDP
Secretary of State for International Trade and Industry David Anderson LCP
Office Occupant Party
Speaker of the House Harold Smith WR
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