Snakes On A Plane
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Snakes On A Plane is used to refer to a series of mafia led fraternities operating within the Third Jewish Homeland of Beiteynu. With the free market implemented onto the nation the scene was set for the criminal underworld to seize power. Taking their name from the method in which former gang leader Gergely Olmert was assassinated, by the 2180's SOAP had become the second largest armed force in the nation and certain towns were fully under their control. However due to links with several political parties, most notably the Judean People's Front, the government ignored the organisations activites and instead only demanded small monetary payments. Many believe that this was because they felt that SOAP could overthrow the political system if they so desired. In the later years of the Third Jewish Homeland SOAP were influential in securing dictatorial power for the JPF and shockingly managed to get the national flag replaced with that of their organisation. Following the Pontesian invasion of Beiteynu in 2309 SOAP is believed to have joined the various armed resistance groups.

One of the most damaging accusations directed towards Snakes On A Plane was that they were comprised of the former Free Beiteynu! Organisation. This was always denied by official sources.

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