Sozial-Liberale Liste
Freiheit, Recht und Gerechtigkeit
~January, 4576
Youth wing
-Young Liberals
Student wing
-Yellow Students
-Social-liberalism, liberalism, Liberal conservatism, social conservatism and social democracy
Political position
International affiliation
     Yellow/Gold; Red and Blue as secondary colours)
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Dorvik Edit

Federal Party Edit

MPs of the SLL

The SLL won a huge victory at this election. With 21% of the vote not an electoral victory, but and ideological one. It formed a grand coalition with HDP and Solidarität, and hereby ended the communist dictatorship in Dorvik. The SLL now controls four departments.

List of MPs: Louise Hessendorf, Marie von Limben, John Dupont, Axel Dorat, Horst Stiller, Hans Müller, Luise Schmidt, Martin F. Lindner, Khristian Vogt, Christina Schulz, Martina von Wittelsberg, Anne Nürner, Joachim Brandt, Willi Kurz, Kurt H. Kiesman, Hennrieke Stöver, Angelo Rosa, Peter Hoodi, August Herrmann, July Mai, Amelie Johannson, Holger H. Haußmann, Laura Johansen, Luca Schmidt, Konrad Schuhmann, Dominik von Dort, Heinrich Hesselt, Joachim Steiner, Walter K. Mann, Georg Largin, Stefan U. Rolandson, Sandra Dehne, Sybille Ahrens, Birgitt Buchholz, Robert-Lennart Krüger, Piet Lübcke, Marco Sascha, Patrick Neumeyer, Klaus-Dieter Müller, Klaas Saxe, Jan Schaefer (41/69)

Local Parties Edit

Miktar Edit

Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 0.08 0 Opposition 3rd
4582 11.93 8 Opposition 4th

Dorvan Edit

Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 0.08 0 Opposition 2nd
4582 14.68 10 Opposition 4th

Kordusia Edit

Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 Amelie Franker 0.08 0 Opposition 3rd
4582 Amelie Franker 25.32 18 Major Governing Party 2nd
4586 Amelie Franker

Largonia Edit

Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 Gottlieb Herbert 0.09 0 Opposition 2nd
4582 Gottlieb Herbert 25.48 18 Major Governing Party 2nd
4586 Gottlieb Herbert

Westmark Edit

Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 Amelie Johannson 29.54 21 Opposition 2nd
4582 Björn Detjen 20.99 15 Major Governing Party 2nd
4586 Björn Dethen

National Party Edit

Years Portrait Party leader National Offices



Year Candidate First Round Second Round Position
4577 Louise Hessendorf 4.24 N/A 2nd
4582 Louise Hessendorf 19.53 N/A 4th
Year Candidate % Seats Role Position
4577 Georg Heinrich Herrmann 4.11 21 Opposition 2nd
4582 Georg Heinrich Herrmann 19.66 69 Minor coalition party 4th
Candidate President Election

First Round

Secound Round Bundesrat Election

History Edit

Sozialdemokratische Liste Edit

Socialist Regime 4576-4582 Edit

The main-goal of the SDL is to abolish the Defence of Democracy Bill, which bans all parties ideologically right of Social Democracy. The SDL however also supports bills liberalising the people and economy, and sometimes proposes bills itself, but treats it as minor issue compared to the fight against the Defence of Democracy Bill.

Election of 4577 Edit

All the 21 SDL MPs in the national TUC are from the Kommune of Westmark, as it was the only Kommune in which the SDL won seats. The SDL local party of Westmark archived an excellent result of 29.54% (21 seats). The other local parties only archived an average result of 0.08% (0 seats). Only thanks to Westmark the SDL won seats in the TUC. This is
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attributed to some facts: Georg Heinrich Heinrich is from Dargun, Westmark and Westmark is known to be the most conservative Kommune of Dorvik.

List National Front benchers: Georg Heinrich Herrmann, Marie von Limben, Luise Schmidt, Khristian Vogt, Anne Nürner

List of Westmark Front benchers: Joachim Steiner

Sozial-Liberale Liste Edit

The Grand Coalition 4582- 4600 Edit

Period 4600- 4604 Edit

Presidential System 4604- 4623 Edit

Notable People Edit

Georg Heinrich Herrmann

Marie von Limben

Richard Brandt

Louise Schmidt

Helmut Parker

Louise Hessendorf

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