Socialism is an ideology based on the social ownership and the democratic control of the means of production.

Branches of Socialism[edit | edit source]

  • Communism: means of production in control of the workers through communities (of workers). It is usually done through totalitarian form of governments. "To each according to his need"
  • Collectivism: similar to communism, generally common in anarchism, with the difference in the way of distributing wealth. Wealth is distributed according to the work done.
  • Zenshō Socialism: national communism, as well as Betrandism
  • Metzism: revolutionary communism, based on the ideas of Karlstein Metz, a socioeconomic critique of Capitalism and Feudalism later used for political philosohpy.
  • Juche: Syncretic Socialism that rejects Metzist materialism in favor of the idea that advancement of the forces of production is based on the unjust subjugation of the individual for capital accumulation, subjugation that Juche Socialism seeks to liberate the revolutionary masses from to achieve the greatest society possible.
Political Ideologies
Radical-Leftism Communism - Anarchism - Lindenism - Collectivism - Federal Collectivism - Endrinism
Upper-Leftism Socialism - Nuncirism - Federalism - Unionism - Panterranism
Lower-Leftist Classic Democracy - Hosian Democracy - Kaoism - Ahmadi Democracy
Lower-Rightism Conservatism - Liberalism - New Republicanism
Upper-Rightism Capitalism - Czarism - Logarchism - Pan-Dundorfianism
Radical-Rightism Aretism - Axism - Phalangism - Radical Nationalism - Victorieuxism - Thallerism - Fascism - Frankensteinism
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