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Socialist Party
Sozialistische Partei
LeaderHiree Walalaa
ChairpersonNaadura Leensa
FoundersHirba Hundee
Founded14 January 5117
Membership61,471 (5117)
Social Democracy
Political positionCenter-left
Colours     Red      Forrest Green
Slogan"Equality for all"
Seats in the House of Representatives
64 / 350
Seats in the House of Peers
52 / 300
Regionale Regierungen (Regional Governments)
2 / 10
Lokale Sitze (Local seats)
2,612 / 8,593
Ministerpräsident (Prime Minister of Suyu Llaqta)
0 / 1

The Socialist Party (Dundorfian: Sozialistische Partei) is a Socialist and Social Democratic political party in the Kingdom of Suyu Llaqta which has been one of the larger parties since the reintroduction of democratic rule in 5117. The party advocates primarily for a focus on domestic policies, seeking to create a equall, fair and prosperous economy, a limited foreign policy only focussed on mutual coexistence and cooperation and a fight against corruption. The party is in favour of a strong welfare state but tends to be pragmatic in order to achieve its goals.