Socialst Reformist Party
Leader Comrade Nehek
Founded 2444
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Valois, New Kreshar
Nation The Free Republic of Lourenne
Ideology Democratic Socialism
Political Position Leftist
International Affiliations Socialist International
Anti-Gun League, Fair Trade Union, International Greens, Internationalists, World Anti-Slavery Union, Progress through Technology, International Secularist Society, World Peace Society, Western Dovani Cooperation Accord, Wordl Ant-Capitalist Initiative, Separation of Church and State Alliance.
Colours 3CB371
Website n/a

The Socialist Reformist Party (SRP) was founded by Comrade Nehek in the year 2444. It started out as a small party, and recieved little attention in the beginning, but in the elections of 2450 they won a massive 17% of the seats in The Parliament of Lourenne, the party participated in a socialist government with the Secular Party and the Proletarian Relief Party, but the importance of the SRP later declined. The SRP has now yet again reached it's former heights, and is currently involved in governmental negotiations.

The SRP is a socialist, reformist, pacifist, environmentalist and secular party. It is a party unafraid of government spending and regulated markets. The SRP enjoys great support among Lourennes lower classes, especially in the provinces of New Kreshar and Kundir, and also among idealists in all other classes of society.

In 2070 the SRP "won" the election, and recieved 28% of the seats in the senate, an all time high for the party. After the results had ticked in, numerous members of the SRP's "old guard" announced that this would be their last period in the Senate of Lourenne. At the end of the current period, a vast change of personnel is expected in the SRP.

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