Società Nazionale delle Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A.
SNFS new logo
Type Join-Stock Company
Traded as RISE: SNF
Founded 4375
Legal basis P.d.l. 07/4374 - Proposal to establish the SNFS (State TOC)
P.d.l. 01/4380- State TOC Authorization Act
Industry Rail Transport
Products Rail Transport, Cargo Transit, Services
Slogan Ferrovie dello Stato, ferrovie di tutti
Railways of the State, railways of everyone
Destinations Istalia
Key People Stefania Orlando (CEO)
Nadir Mubarak (COO)
Owner Ministry of Finance (70%)
Publicly Traded (30%)
Employees 43,800

Società Nazionale delle Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A. (Luthorian: National Company of the State Railways), commonly known as SNFS, is the current and most recent founded state owned railway operator in the Istalian Republic. It was founded in May 4375 as a join-stock company owned by the State through the Minister of Finance which is per law the major shareholder (70% of the shares while the rest is publicly traded).


The current state of affairs of the company is due to the fact that the establishing law of the company, the P.d.l. 07/4374 - Proposal to establish the SNFS (State TOC), as can be deduced by the title of the law itself, was a proposal by the little center-left party Radical Alliance unlikely to pass under the at the time center-right government. Unexpectedly the bill was approved by the Parliament in May 4375.

In the same months, however, a new Government formed by centrist and leftist parties gained the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies replacing the failed coalition of the centrist and center-right parties with the nationalist Istalian Alternative, at the time plagued by the scandal followed an investigation about corruption in the party.

It is expected the launching of the implementing decrees for the SNFS by part of the following Governments and so the start of the operations for the end of 4380. However, only after the elections 4379 and the formation of the second Revara's government was approved the decree to authorize the public TOC to operate on the national network. The decree authorized the SNFS to rent railroad tracks from private TOCs for their own usage. The arbitration on the cost of rent was conducted by the newly founded ANVEAC. The measure was adopted as a provisory solution to allow the SNFS to operate until the end of the construction of its own proprietary rail network.

SNFS train

High speed train with the typical SNFS livery

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