Sokratis Sipras

Sipras during his election as General Secretary of DAS in 4616

Leader of the Opposition of Kalopia
Assumed office 
February 17, 4633
Preceded by

Prime Minister of Kalopia
In office
September 9, 4628 – February 17, 4633
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office since
August 10, 4616
Preceded by

In office since
September 14, 4608

March 29, 4581
Political party
University Assistant

Sokratis Sipras (March 29, 4581) is the Leader of the Opposition in Kalopia and has been Prime Miniser of the country twice. He is also a former economist and university assisant. Sipras has been the General Secretary of Dimokratiki Aristeri Symmahia (Kalopia) since 4608.

Early LifeEdit

Sipras was born on March 29th 4581 in the capital city of Kalopia, Helios. His parents were both mathematicians and worked at schools of Helios. He studied to be an economist at the Helios University of Economy and Business. During his time there, he joined the Youth of Values, which is the Youth of Dimokratikos Synaspismos (also known as Koinonia Axion) center left party of Kalopia. After his graduation, he became a teacher assistant at the same university. He also worked as an accountant at the Accounting Department of Kalopia.

Politics and DAM/DASEdit

in 4605 he left Youth of Values and became one of the founding members of Dimokratiko Ariostero Metopo or Dimokratiki Aristeri Symmahia (Kalopia). In 4616 he got elected as leader of Dimokratiki Aristeri Symmahia (Kalopia). In 4628, he became Prime Minister of Kalopia after DAS scoring 24% at the 2nd place and creating a coalition government with Dimokratikos Synaspismos and Ethniki Anagennisi.

Prime MinisterEdit

Sipras became Prime Minister twice in the coalition governments of DAS, Dimokratikos Synaspismos and Ethniki Anagennisi in 4628 and 4631. During his governments, the state budget increased, mainly for Education and Health, without causing any deficits. The taxation for the poor and the middle classes was decreases but it was increased for the rich. He also banned the purchase, produce and storage of biological or chemical weaponry for military purposes, as well as the arms exports. Furthermore, the taxation on corporations increased from 9% to 15%. In the sector of environment, he enforced mandatory recycling for residents, commercial enterprise, and industry as well as highly restrictive industrial pollution standards in industry. Nuclear power pants were banned and a national fire department with state funding was established.

Opposition LeaderEdit

As the leader of the Opposition since 4633, Sipras has made harsh critic against the governments of Dimokratikos Synaspismos blaming them for bad management of state money with populist aims, as the policy of DISY caused big deficits and the increase of Kalopian debt.

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