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Sol Lucidus
God of the Sun

Sol lucidus other.JPG

Type Selucian Pagan
Abode Sky
Consort Terra Mater
Children Terek the Bullslayer

Sol Lucidus (Selucian for "the Shining Sun") is a solar deity and the supreme god in Religio Seluciana. Together with his consort Terra Mater and Neflons, he is one of the Di Civiles, the three central divinities of the Religio. The Selucian god originates in the ancient Cildanian god El Shamash ("Sun God"), whose cult was introduced in Selucia during the Qedarite Empire. His Barmenian equivalent is Azaeran. His cult within the Religio is overseen by the Flamen Solaris and the High Priests of the Temple of Lions.