Dundorfian name Solidarität
Chairman Stephen Mandel
Founded August 4575
Headquarters Haldor, Kordusia
Political position Center-Left
Colors      Rose
38 / 525
Election symbol
Solidarität is a centre-left, reformist political party in Dorvik that has been a fixture of the political scene since its founding in August 4575. While relatively unsuccessful at winning the office of Head of State, Solidarität has a rich history of serving in governing cabinets and generally advocating for its position of social democracy within government.


Early HistoryEdit


Solidarität was founded in August 4575 as a wing of the only authorized political party - the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) by Natalie Pruefer, an elected member of the Trade Union Congress, and Ingolf Gansz, a Westmarkian union member. The faction would soon thereafter be joined by two new splinter factions of the ruling RSP - the Sozialdemokratische Liste and the Hosianische Demokratische Partei. These three movements shared the common goal of repealing the repressive "Defense of Democracy Bill," which had been in effect since 4548.

In the wake of the 4582 elections, the pro-democracy factions saw a landslide combined victory over the RSP (by a total legislative composition of 243-107). Soon after the elections, the Protection of Democracy Act passed and the republic was restored.

Democratic RestorationEdit


Following the restoration of democracy, Solidarität's leadership agreed to make Ingolf Gansz the new face of the party (rather than Natalie Pruefer, who was seen by many as a vestige of the socialist single-party state). Gansz, however, failed to ever win an election as Head of State. In fact, Gansz only made it to a single run-off, in 455.

Despite the losses at the top of the ballot, Solidarität continued to perform well in legislative elections. Notably, the party was a member of every single governing coalition for 19 years. This included the Schaab cabinet, which marked the end of the era of explicit cooperation between Solidarität, Sozial-Liberale Liste, and the HDP.

The details behind the Schaab cabinet were closely intertwined with the ascent of Florian Kautz as leader of Solidarität. Kautz, who had served in both the Meidner and Schopenhauer cabinets, led a move to the left which saw Solidarität work with the newer Grüne Zentrumspartei and even a communist party, the MKP (later known simply as the KP).

Presidential SystemEdit


Following the 4601 elections, in which Solidarität came in 3rd, the Dorvish Konservative Partei oversaw a transition to a presidential system of government. Solidarität's leader, Florian Kautz, was initially unwilling to back this change but ultimately agreed to the Presidential system. According to future Party-leader Stephen Mandel, this mistake "cost us over a decade in the political wilderness," which proved to be correct as Solidarität fell in number of seats in 4604, 4608, and 4612 elections - despite the fact that the parliamentary size had increased during that period.

Electoral ResultsEdit

Head of State
Election Candidate Round 1 Round 2 Win
 %  %
4577 Natalie Pruefer 1.67 N/A No
4582 24.17 N/A No
4586 Ingolf Gansz 12.58 N/A No
4589 11.59 N/A No
4592 20.24 N/A No
4595 25.40 47.72 No
4598 Marie von Limben (SLL) 26.01 N/A No
4601 Florian Kautz 16.13 N/A No
4604 7.71 N/A No
4608 Fritz Altermann (GZ) 41.71 60.28 Yes
4612 29.96 43.75 No
March 4614 20.91 75.41 Yes
Nov. 4614 Stephen Mandel 14.32 N/A No
4615 31.42 61.20 Yes
Year Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4577 1.35% 725,693
6 / 350
Increase 6 Opposition 3rd
4582 23.28% 14,284,339
80 / 350
Increase 74 Grand Coalition Steady 3rd
4586 12.78% 8,109,325
44 / 350
Decrease 36 Grand Coalition Decrease 4th
4589 12.21% 7,091,822
42 / 350
Decrease 2 Grand Coalition Steady 4th
4592 19.94% 12,741,000
69 / 350
Increase 27 Grand Coalition Steady 4th
4595 25.23% 16,739,099
89 / 350
Increase 20 Grand Coalition Increase 2nd
4598 17.30% 10,819,873
61 / 350
Decrease 28 Coalition Member Decrease 3rd
4601 15.80% 10,304,409
57 / 350
Decrease 4 Opposition Steady 3rd
4604 8.15 5,238,826
42 / 525
Decrease 15 Grand Coalition Decrease 6th
4608 5.84 3,744,800
30 / 525
Decrease 12 Grand Coalition Decrease 7th
4612 5.84 3,622,419
29 / 525
Decrease 1 No Government Steady 7th
March 4614 6.67 4,342,252
34 / 525
Increase 5 Snap Elections Steady 7th
Nov. 4614 7.66 5,003,102
39 / 525
Increase 5 Snap Elections Steady 7th
4615 7.55 4,521,800
38 / 525
Decrease 1 Coalition Leader Steady 7th

Political PositionsEdit



  • Natalie Pruefer was a professor of biology at the Haldor Institute of Technology, a part of the State University of Kordusia. She, along with Ingolf Gansz, was the founder of Solidarität. She began her political career as the associate secretary-general of the largest academic faculty union of Dorvik, where she first gained a seat in the Syndikatskongress (Trade Union Congress) for the Revolutionary Socialist Party in the 4565 elections. She then defected to create Solidarität in protest of the Defense of Democracy Act. Pruefer additionally served as Minister of Science and Technology in the Meidner Cabinet.
  • Ingolf Gansz was a former leader of Solidarität. Born in Westmark, Gansz served in the Dorvish military as an enlisted sailor. He then worked as an electrician in Westmark before being elected in 4577 as a member of the Syndikatskongress. He served as Parliamentary leader under Natalie Pruefer's leadership of the party, and eventually took over from her after the democratic restoration.
  • Florian Kautz is a former leader of Solidarität, following the death of Ingolf Gansz in 4598. He has previously served as Minister for Internal Affairs in the Meidner and Schopenhauer cabinets, before resigning and moving the party further to the left. Kautz also served as Minister of Finance in the Schaab Cabinet.
  • Stephen Mandel is the current leader of Solidarität, serving since 4605.
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