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Cildanian Dragon Fish, a species unique to the South Ocean

The South Ocean is one of Terra's five oceans. It is located to the south of the Mad Dog Ocean, to the east of the Red Bass Ocean and the west of the Anantonese Ocean.


The South Ocean encompasses the Aldegarian Gulf, the Majatran Sea and the Sea of Lost Souls.

Marine life[]

The South Ocean's warm equatorial climate fosters unique species of marine life, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on the globe.

Lost Sea Snake, a deep-sea species

Notably, the common site of large sardine shoals is associated with the South Ocean and Sint Pietereiland in particular, where they are among the most common form of life.

Furthermore, the South Ocean provides a habitat for numerous deep-sea fish species. Though information on these species is limited due to the difficulty in accessing the deepest reaches of the water, evidence of more than one hundred species exist. The most well known include the Lost Sea Snake and the Cildanian Dragon Fish, both of which primarily inhabit the Sea of Lost Souls.


As the location of the South Ocean War, fought between Likatonia and Kafuristan as well as their respective allies, the South Ocean has played a prominent role in Terran history.

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