The national sport is tennis. It is a game which is played in Dranland by 18th century.

National Tennis Cup named Dranian Royal Cup is played in the country every five years in the National Tennis Stadium in Iglesia Mayor. National Cup invite thousands of fans from all regions of Dranland and surroundings states.

Year Dranian Royal Cup winner
3181 Paol Van Derlen
3186 Lena Kiu
3191 Amanda Del Pierro
3196 Mary Holensborn
3201 Mary Holensborn
3206 Mary Holensborn
3211 Andreas Berelens
National tennis stadium

Court of King Alejandro

National Tennis Stadium was built in 3179.

Court of King Alejandro: Grass, Capacity: 20.000 (Finals)
Court A: Grass, Capacity: 10.000
Court B: Grass, Capacity: 5.000
Court C: Grass, Capacity: 5.000

The greatest dranian player was Pierre Donberg (b.2875-d.2969). He won 18 titles in his life. Current leader in tennis is Jolana Sereven (b.3175).

List of Candidates to TWC 3210:
Men's Team:
Peter Sterdron
Jonas Holenskon
Paul Masdolen
Andeas Berelens

Women's Team:
Jolana Sereven
Carolina Liones
Eva Carenas
Alisa Malawe

In May 3192 Parliament ratified the membership of Dranland in the International Tennis Association as the third country in Terra.

Year Tennis World Cup
3200 - Al'Badara Men's tournament - 4th place for Drania, Women's tournament - 2nd place for Drania
3210 - Ikradon
3220 - Gaduridos
3230 - Vacant


Football stadium

National Stadium in Iglesia Mayor

Football is the second most popular game in Dranland. In the recent past there has been a massive increase in the number of football stadiums in all towns and villages in the country. At regional level and national level is playing football league. Football in the country is managed by the Dranian National Football Federation (DNFF).

The highest level of the football league system is called Primera Division. This football league plays the top ten teams from across the country.


  • FC Iglesia Mayor
  • Santa Sharika
  • Athletic Iglesia Mayor
  • Española SC
  • Comares
  • Mynydd Iâ
  • Ddraig Môr
  • Santa Sharika B
  • Y Cymoedd
  • FC Liffanés

Segunda Division is the second highest football league with twelve football teams.

Tercera Division is divided into regional leagues, each province has the best 20 teams. The lowest local league is played by all the small football clubs.

Dranland is a member of Terran FIFA World Cup since October 2744. In the international level the country is represented by Dranian National Football Federation (DNFF).

Every five years the King's Cup is played, who plays the top 20 teams in the country. Award is given by the king.

Year Winning football team
2880 Castellón
2885 Castellón
2890 Ciudad de Fé
2895 Ponte Iglesias
2900 Soyolango
2905 Castellón
2910 Castellón
2915 Castellón
2920 FC Iglesia Mayor
2925 FC Iglesia Mayor
2930 Santa Sharika
2935 Adachar
2940 Adachar
2945 FC Iglesia Mayor
2950 Comares
2955 Marcabia
2960 Ponte Iglesias Club
- Between 2965 - 3175 the King's Cup was banned.
3180 Santa Sharika
3185 FC Iglesia Mayor
3190 FC Iglesia Mayor
3195 FC Iglesia Mayor
3200 Comares
3205 FC Iglesia Mayor
3210 Athletic Iglesia Mayor
3215 Comares



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