The allegiance of sport fans in Saridan is split between two major comeptitions: Rugby and Cricket (Duntrekkaans: Krieket). These two sports make up the vast majority of ticket sales, television rights and sponsorship dollars. However, the two sports currently cater to different demographics.

Amongst the Duntrekker and Euphitrien populations rugby is by far the most popular sport, whilst the Ifgoerroon portion of the nation make up the majority of fans for cricket.


Rugby clubs vie for a line-out.


- huge following; over 6.8 million registered players and 16,780 clubs

- played mostly during the rainy season; however, break is taken during the months of November & March as they are the most rainy



- adopted by the Euphitriens as they attempted to tie themselves more closely with the other French-speaking nations, such as Kanjor, who had created & adopted the sport

Rugby CultureEdit

Governing BodyEdit

Rugby kick



- 30 professional clubs; two divisions of 15 clubs each

- playoff system from within the two divisions to determine the winner; top four clubs in a division play each other to determine the division winner; division winners play each other

- top two clubs play in the continental league the following season


Professional TeamsEdit


- limited overs cricket; each club has one innings and batting for a maximum of 20 overs

- matches generally run around two to three hours in length

- played in the dry season (June through September) as rainy weather tends to have a detrimental effect on matches

- 2.5 million registered players; 12,052 registered clubs

- because played in the short three-month dry season the clubs play most of the days in week in order to reach the 60 regular season matches; matches are never played on Sundays, however


Cricket Ground1

Pietersburg Krieketklub ground, the most successful cricket club in Saridan.


Cricket CultureEdit

Governing BodyEdit


- 32 professional club teams; two divisions of 16 clubs each

- every club plays two 2-match series (4 matches) against the others, for a total of 60 total regular-season matches per club

- playoffs of top four clubs in division; winners play final championship match & runners-up play for third place

- top three clubs play in continental league during the preseason


Professional TeamsEdit

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