St. Jennifer of Athelh
St. Jennifer of Athelburgh

St. Jennifer of Athelburgh, by Claude de Moisti
Born August 28, 1774, Athelburgh, Dranland
Died July 4, 1841, Bulworth, Dranland
Venerated in Order of Light
Major shrine Temple of Charity
Feast November 5, (Feast of Charity)
Attributes Charity, Children, Education, Orphans

St. Jennifer of Athelburgh was born to a rich family in the growing city of Athelburgh that had ties to the Order of Light by blood and marriage but had fallen away from their faith. On her 20th birthday she reconnected to the death of her parents in a tragic accident. Using the money that she inherited from her family she founded a number of schools and orphanages based on the teachings of the Order of Light, these places were called Wish Houses. St. Jennifer's dedicated and patronage of education is considered to be a wonderful model for all.