St. Justus of Sipellum

Saint, abbot and confessor
Born Around 580, Sipellum, Selucia
Died 21st of March, 642, Selucia
Venerated in Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Terran Patriarchal Church
Luthoran Communion
Bishopal Churches
Canonized 21st of March, 1122, Auroria by Arch-Patriarch Pancratius II
Major shrine Basilica of St. Justus, Sipellum
Feast 22nd of March
Attributes Justine habit, holding monastic rule
Patronage Artania, Monks, Speleologists
Saint Justus of Sipellum is a Hosian monastic saint and the founder of the Order of Justine Friars, the first order in the Aurorian tradition of Hosian monasticism. Born a wealthy Selucian nobleman from the town of Sipellum, he abandoned his studies in Auroria for life as a hermit, living in a cave near Mons Cassii. His lifestyle attracted followers who joined him there, forming the foundation of the first Justine order. St. Justus and his brothers left the caves to found the first Justine monastery in 605, with Justus serving as abbot, having authored the Rule of St. Justus to regulate the life of the monastic community.

A popular saint following his death at high age, St. Justus was canonized officially in 1122, on the anniversary of his death by the Arch-Patriarch Pancratius II. Apart from being the patron saint of monks, St. Justus is also the patron saint of Artania and of speleologists. There have been 11 Arch-Patriarchs who have taken his name.

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