Saint Martinus of Augusta
Ἅγιος Μαρτίνος Σεβαστήνος
Sanctus Martinus Augustinus
Σαγκταμ Μαρτενομ Αυγυστες

Patriarch of Augusta, Doctor of the Church, Church Father
Born Ca. 490-500 CE, Augusta, Augustan Empire
Died 26th of April, 583, Augusta, Augustan Empire
Venerated in
Feast 26th of April
Attributes Bishop holding an open book; depicted writing or disputing with a pagan or heretic

Saint Martinus of Augusta (Ancient Kalopian: Ἅγιος Μαρτίνος Σεβαστήνος, Hágios Martínos Sebastḗnos; Selucian: Sanctus Martinus Augustinus; Ancient Augustan: Σαγκταμ Μαρτενομ Αυγυστες Sanctam Martenom Aùgustes), also known as Martinus the Theologian, is a Hosian Saint who served as the Patriarch and Bishop of Augusta, and who was a renowned theologian in his time. As a Church Father, he is credited with extensive theological writings on the divine nature of Eliyahu and the administration of the Sacrifices. He is also recorded as having been present at the Council of Auroria, where he is said to have authored the first version of the Aurorian Creed which forms the basis for the faith as professed in the Holy Apostolic Hosian Church of Terra and its successor denominations, that is, most of Western Hosianism. As such, he is regarded as one of the Doctors of the Church.

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