Saint Sebastian
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Archbishop of Qart Qildar, Patriarch of All Cildanians, Apostle to the Cildanians
Born 796, Arakhim
Died April 17, 844, Cildania
Venerated in Apostolic Church of the East
Feast April 17
Attributes Vested as a Bishop, vine and scroll, composing hymns with a lyre
Patronage Cildania, orators, preachers, spiritual leaders

Saint Sebastian (Gziri: San Bastjan, Qildari: סבסטיאן הקדוש, Sebastian HaQuddosh, Church Cildanian: ܡܪ ܤܒܤܛܝܐܢܢ, Mor Sebastian) was a 9th century Hosian monk and missionary, noted for bringing Hosianism to Cildania and for being the first bishop of Qart Qildar. Saint Sebastian was known for his missionary work, healing and miracles, and teachings of a monastic devotion to God. He also wrote a wide variety of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse, as well as prose biblical exegesis. These were works of practical theology for the edification of the church in troubled times. The Divine Liturgy of Saint Sebastian, used in the Cildanian (OOC West Syrian) rite of the Apostolic Church of the East, is attributed to him. He is said to have been martyred by the Prince of Gilzon, but after his death the Apostolic Department of Cildania quickly became the dominant religion in Cildania.

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