Holy Apostle Thomas
St Thomas

Annunciant, Apostle
Born 1st century CE, Beiteynu
Died January 8, 69, Hobrazia
Venerated in
Feast January 8
Patronage Priests, Artania, Hobrazia

Holy Apostle Thomas (Yeudi: תאום, Tə'ōm, Ancient Kalopian: Θωμᾶς, Thomãs), also known as Thomas the Believer or Faithful Thomas, was one of the Twelve Apostles or Disciples of Eliyahu, as well as the writer of one of the four Annunciations, and one of the Epistles of the Hosian Bible. He is best known for being the first Disciple to recognize Eliyahu after his return from Hell. He is traditionally regarded as the Apostle that brought Hosianism in Artania, preaching in Hobrazia, where he was, according to the traditional account, martyred in 69.

The canonical Annunciations describe Thomas as a young acolyte of the Temple - indeed, he is often said to have been the youngest of the Twelve - who runs away from the Temple a few days after Elijah is cast out to follow him. Thomas is said to have been led to Elijah's side by his faith, which took the form of a lighting path before him, and to have caught up with Elijah, Michael and Theodore just in time to witness his baptism by Matthias the Baptist.

Many Hosian biblical scholars note that the synoptical Annunciants seem to use Thomas as a sort of counterpoint to Michael Vigilius. In the Annunciations, Thomas is rarely reprimanded by Elijah, and is seen to be meeker and more moderate in his passions than the more impulsive and judgmental St. Michael. The most clear example of this is the very scene in which Thomas recognises Elijah: while Thomas recognises his master and keeps silent about it, Michael does not, and loudly questions the old man, until he is made to recall the words of Elijah before his exile.

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