An aerial shot of St. Vodinsburg's docks

St. Vodinsburg is a city which lies on the northern-most coast of Likatonia. Situated in the Sorbanika prefecture, it was once Likatonia's most populous city as well as its administrative capital. A major port-town, it is still considered of great significance to Likatonia's great sea-faring past, as well as its industrial present, and is also regarded as one of the major cities located on the Seleyan continent.

St. Vodinsburg is estimated to be populated by around 8 million Likatonians.

History: Anti-Likatonia Defensive Treaty, Keymon-Likatonia Crisis

Demographics: Likaton, The Sacred Order of the Tears of Termani Greater Likatonia: Northern Hukatai, Western Meria

People: Howard Johnson, Alan Reynolds, Robert Turner, Josif Iskartovich

Religion: The Sacred Order of the Tears of Termani

Politics in Likatonia
Axis Mundi parties - Axis Mundi Revolution, Axis Mundi SLP, AM Eastern Likaton Independence Party, Democratic Workers' Party, Conservative Liberal Party, Orange Order of Greater Likatonia - LDA

CMDLS parties - Separatist Coalition's Army, People's Confederal Army, Marxist-Separatist Front Of Meria, General Confederation of Labour

Independent parties - Civil Liberties Party, Likaton Fascist Front

Sports in Likatonia
Soccer - North Seleyan Football Association
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