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State Security Service
Служба государственной безопасности
Sluzhba gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti
Logo of the State Security Service
Agency overview
Formed11 October 4369
Annual budgetClassified
Agency executive
  • Director

The State Security Service (Rodshya: Служба государственной безопасности; tr. Sluzhba gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti) commonly referred to as the SGB is the primary domestic counter-intelligence and counter-terrorist service of Trigunia. The Director of the State Security Service is a member of the Security Council of Trigunia. The Director of the State Security Service is appointed by the Trigunian head of government and confirmed by the State Duma.

The SGB was also assigned protective duties. The SGB is assigned to protect the Prime Minister of Trigunia, the Great Prince and Tsar as well as senior government officials. The Ninth Directorate ("Main Directorate for Protective Services") is responsible for all protective details. The SGB is also responsible for the Trigunian Border Guard Service which comprises land and maritime security forces akin to a border patrol and coast guard. The Border Guard Service is considered an agency underneath the supervision and oversight of the SGB.


Panteley Zaslavsky, who was appointed Director of the State Security Service overhauled the SGB and condensed the organization. Zaslavsky cited "overly bureaucratic inefficiency" for the reformation.

Organization and structure[]

In the Trigunian means of organizational management, there are 3 classifications for "Directorates" sometimes called "Departments" or "Offices" (sometimes "Centers" that are underneath the management of a specific agency). They are "Main" which is the top tier, signaling importance and priority. "Chief" which ranks below Main and is sometimes used to denote above average in importance and finally regular "Directorates" or "Departments" which carry out different works within a Main/Chief Directorate or are relegated to a less important task.

Chief Directorates[]

  • First Chief Directorate - Foreign Operations
  • Second Chief Directorate - Counter-intelligence, domestic political operations
  • Third Chief Directorate - Military counter-intelligence and armed forces political surveillance
  • Fifth Chief Directorate - Arts and scientific internal security
  • Eighth Chief Directorate - National, foreign and overseas monitoring and communications, cryptologic equipment, research and development
  • Twelfth Chief Directorate "Border Guards Directorate" - Border Guard Service of Trigunia


  • Fourth Directorate - Transportation and infrastructure security
  • Sixth Directorate - Economic counter-intelligence and industrial security
  • Seventh Directorate - Citizen surveillance
  • Ninth Directorate - Government and VIP protection forces, provides transportation and all matter of bodyguard services
  • Teneth Directorate - Government installation security
  • Eleventh Directorate - SIGINT and communications interception, operation of government telephone and diplomatic communications
  • Thirteenth Directorate "Operations and Technology Directorate" - Research laboratories
  • Fifteenth Directorate "Special Operations"
    • Spetsgruppa "F" - Sokol (Special Forces Group "Falcon")
    • Spetsgruppa "M" - Molotok (Special Forces Group "Hammer")
    • Spetsgruppa "O" - Omega (Special Forces Group "Omega")


  • SGB Personnel Department
  • Secretariat of the SGB
  • SGB Technical Support Staff
  • SGB Financial Department
  • SGB Archives
  • SGB Foreign Asset Department
  • SGB Administration Department
  • Bashnya Guard Regiment

Bashnya Guard Regiment[]

The Bashnya Guard Regiment is responsible for the protection of the Bashnya as well as the President of the Trigunia Federation and other officials that operate out of the Bashnya; this is generally just the Presidnet but some other officials are awarded protection as an honor by order of the President of the Trigunian Federation. The Bashnya is commanded by the "Commandant of the Rodshyadam Bashnya" and is assisted by a Regimental Commander, these posts are appointed by the President and are generally vetted by the the SGB and other intelligence agency's to ensure that they have proper credentials. The Bashnya is responsible for the entire protective apparatus around the President and the Presidential Administration, the guard regiment is heavily armed and well trained. While some often joke about their overly ceremonial appearance in comparison to other bodyguard units, they are trained by a number of branches and are able to carry out what the Trigunian's call "Voyna v dvizhenii" or "War on the Move" in Luthorian.

Leadership and notable personnel[]

Directors and Deputy Directors[]

  • Bespalov "Vadik" Timurovich - Director (t. October, 4369 - December, 4375)
  • Christov Zakharovich Durov - Director (t. December, 4375 - August, 4400)
  • Leontiy Mikhailovich Mashir - Director (t. August, 4400 - September, 4431)
  • Polikarp Filippovich Vagin - Director (t. September, 4431 - March, 4457)
  • Boleslaw Rostislavovich Yubkin - Director (t. March, 4457 - October, 4471)
  • Ludomir Konstantinovich Goncharov - Director (t. October, 4471 - July, 4490)
  • Aleksandr (Sasha) Tikhonovich Zharkov - Director (t. July, 4490 - October, 4510)
  • Lev Nikitovich Salko - Director (t. October, 4510 - April, 4515)
  • Panteley Denisovich Zaslavsky - Director (t. April, 4515 - NA)
  • Vasili Kharkov - Director (t. September, 4613)
    • Benedikt Petrovich Startsev - Deputy Director, Chief of the Border Guard Service (t. September, 4613)
  • Kondrati Rostislavovich Sobolev (t. January 4752)