State University of Kordusia
Staatliche Universitäten Kordusia
State University of Kordusia (Potsdamn Uni)
Type Public
Founded 11 March 3309
Headquarters Merten Krauß Building
Director Klemens Schwing (as of 4045)
Chancellor Kriemhild Daser (as of 4045)

The State University of Kordusia (Dundorfian: Staatliche Universitäten Kordusia) is a series of public colleges and university's constructed throughout Kordusia, Dorvik. The Ministry of Education pioneered the system alongside Merten Krauß, who served as State Secretary for Education. The State University of Kordusia system is managed by joint administration of the national Ministry of Education and local Ministry of Education in Kordusia.


The modern State University of Kordusia was first known as the Haldor University Complex at its full completion on February 15th, 2901 and eventually begun to spread to cities throughout Kordusia notably Kordaw and Hauzenwald. Under the direction of the first University Director Merten Krauß in 2920 the State University of Kordusia program came together. Merten Krauß was hailed as an innovator and pioneer in the educational field and Merten Krauß Field where the White Lions of UUniversity of Haldor play their soccer matches is named after him among hundreds of other places and venues.

The series of university's were constructed over a series of time periods which added university's as technology advanced and new, larger schools were required. The University of Haldor was the first University constructed in the now complex. Gradually others where added over the next hundred years, plus.

Over a period of years several portions of the system were close and merged together due to fluctuation in budget and enrollment. The University of Haldor is the largest portion of the university system and is by far the most prominent portion of the system, it draws students from across the globe and serves as a research center for all of Artania.

Universities and CollegesEdit

  • Strategic Studies Institute - Vilnau
  • Defense and Security College - Vilnau
  • Ulrich von Groham University
  • Hauzenwald University
    • Hauzenwald College of Education and Coaching
  • University of the Arts
  • University of Haldor
    • College of Foreign Studies
    • Science and Technology Institute
  • Haldor University of Medicine
  • National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies - Haldor
  • Augustushafen University - Haldor
  • Haldor Institute of Technology - Haldor


The State University of Kordusia system is regarded as the model of education in Dorvik and arguably Artania. It is publicly funded by the government and for Dorvish citizens the tuition and costs, foreign students do not have this possibility.

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