Parliament of the Kingdom of Kazulia

130th Stortinget
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
48 months
House President
Torsten Hartmann, NAP
since August, 4750
Vice President
Anker Thøgersen, NAP
since August, 4750
Kazulian Elecion 4620
Political groups

  •       NAP (135)
Proportional system
Last election
August, 4750
Meeting place
The Parliament of Kazulia (Kazulianisk: Stortinget) is the unicameral supreme and legislature of Kazulia located in the nation's capital, Skalm. The unicameral parliament has 450 members which are elected every four years based on a single mandate proportional representation in 5 States.

The assembly is lead by the President of the Parliament or House President, which is elected directly by the assembly itself, with 3 Vice-Presidents. Nearly public and government agencies are directly subordinate to the parliament aside from several agencies which detect corruption threats and the similar. The parliament is organised into parliamentary clubs which are formed by every political party gaining at least 5 members in the parliament.


The parliament or Stortinget was formed around around 3131 when Kazulia was officially formed, and the parliament was formed as its supreme legislative body. Since, the parliament has changed location, names and number of representatives. Føderaleting, was also the legislative body of the Republic of Kazulia which was dissolved in favour of the royalist movement to reestablish the Kazulian Kingdom.. 

Election and CompositionEdit

The Kazulian Parliament has 435 members, elected for a four-year term by a system of proportional representation in 5 States. Seats are determined by constituency voting, and voters elect party candidates directly from the lists. Every State grants 90 seats sent to the parliament. Eligible for deputies are Kazulian citizens aged 18 or over on the date of the election, who are eligible to vote. Members of Parliament are liable to be arrested, detained and/or prosecuted whilst serving political office.

They are immune from having to provide any information to any authority regarding their legislative functions and deliberations. They are not immune from civil suits. Alleged crimes committed in the member's official capacity (e.g. embezzlement of public monies) may be adjudicated only after Parliament impeaches the member. Government ministers who are not members of Parliament are subject to the same procedure. The impeachment trial is held by an ad hoc Special Court.

Alleged crimes committed in the member's personal capacity (e.g. homicide) may be adjudicated only after Parliament votes to have the member's immunity suspended, at the request of a prosecuting attorney and only in relation to the particular alleged crime. In such cases, the case is adjudicated by a regular court. The Parliament's permission is not necessary if a member is "caught in the act" of committing a crime (e.g. murder).

Organisation Edit

House President Edit

The Presidium is chaired by the House President and three subordinate vice-presidents.

Position Representative Political Party
President Sigurd Simonsen Independent
Primary Vice-President Christian Egeland Independent
Secondary Vice-President Ranveig Aaberg Independent
Tertiary Vice-President Synnøve Berland Independent

Select Committees Edit

The members of parliament are allocated into fifteen select committees, of which twelve are related to specific political topics. The select committees have a portfolio that covers that of one or more government ministers.

Committee Chairman Chairman's Political Party
Business, Industry and Commerce
Local Government
Culture and Sports  
Environment and Tourism
Foreign Affairs Gregers Skovgaard Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Rasmus Rehnquist Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Health and Social Services
Science and Technology
Finance and the Treasury 
Political and Constitutional Affairs
Defence and National Security Nikolai Simonsen Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Demographic Affairs
Religion and Morality.
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  

Electoral HistoryEdit

See the electoral history of the Kazulian parliament (Stortinget) here.

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