State of Suðureyja

Migadon flag

Map of Suðureyja
Country Telamon
Regional capital Havfhavn
  Governing body Suðureyja Provincial Council
  Ruling party(s)
Area km²

Migadon (Skjöldunga: Suðureyja), is the only region in Telamon that is not part of continent of Makon, instead, it i located several hundred kilometers south in the Mad Dog Ocean.

It was first colonized by the ancient tribe of Myllydeninen, who are thought to have been forced to immigrate from southern Makon due to Dundorfic invasion and the . It is believed that the modern day city of Havfhavn is built on top of the site that was once the tribe's capital on the island.

Politically Suðureyja is a fairly liberal state, and is also Telamon's wealthiest with its economy based around tourism and nationalized company headquarters.

Geography Edit

Migadon, as an island, is the smallest province in Telamon, and warmer than the other provinces. The island has a small ex-volcanic mountain range in the center, with a crater lake at the top.


Government and PoliticsEdit


Tourism and Summer CampsEdit

Tourism is an important part of Suðureyja's economy. Due to its agreeable temperatures year round the island is popular with tourists from the northern coast of Artania and continental Makon. During the winter months, the state's beaches are filled with tourists and its picturesque small villages are almost entirely geared toward this tourist rush.

Llynfi ruins

Ruins of Llynfi Cwmbran.

Some of the biggest sources of tourism are various ancient Myllydeninen ruins and archaeological sites along the coasts. Many of these sites are very well preserved thanks to the local historical societies that are common to the island's culture. The largest and most well preserved historical site is the Llynfi Cwmbran in the south of Havfhavn.

Summer Camp

SUF service campers during a rest day.

The state is also popular with organized summer camps. Telamon has a long tradition of youth-oriented summer camping. Many of these camps are affiliated with religious or specialized activities such as music and the performing arts. Others are designed for academic pursuits, sports, or high adventure. However, most are simply recreational camps linked to various youth organizations numerous, such as scouting.

The popularity of such camps has led the Administration for Young People to establish several service and work camps in the state in order to provide conservation and social services to campers and Suðureyja in general.

Demographics and CultureEdit


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