Total population
1,500,000 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Flag of New Endralon New Endralon 1,020,000
Flag of Trigunia Trigunia 320,000
Flag of Dolgava Dolgava 90,000
Flag of Egelion Egelion 28,000
Sullestian language
Siedism, various Hosian churches
Related ethnic groups
New Endralonian people

Sullestian people (Sullestian: Sullestelaiset) are an ethnic group located primarily in New Endralon, though originally centred in Trigunia.


Historically, the Sullestian people were centred in Trigunia, where at one time there were as many as 7 million of them living permanently. For various reasons, such as the linguistic and cultural differences between Sullestian and other Trigunian peoples, the Sullestian population in Trigunia has declined. In modern times, the largest Sullestian population can be found in New Endralon.


Sullestian first came to Trigunian Islands in 3500 BC and were engaged in hunting, fishing and farming. When the territory of the Trigunian Islands began to arrive first Trigunians, Sullestian tribes lived mostly on the south coast. By the beginning of the XX century in the south most of the Sullestians was forced to move to the north, as most of the pasture was exhausted. By the mid 3200's, all of the Sullestians, who lived on the south coast, have been assimilated, and the rest lived in small villages.

Сultural revivalEdit

27 March 3273, the I Sullestian congress was held and was founded by Sullestian cultural revitalization movement. This movement reached major success: the Sullestian language was recognized as one of the official, the state began to support the preservation of the Sullestian cultural heritage, etc.


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