Summum Praetorium Selucianum
Via Imperialis, Auroria, Corgana, Selucian Republic
Type Military command center
Built August 24th, 2117
In use Yes
Current owner Imperium Militare Coniunctum
Open to the public Yes

The High Supreme HQ of Selucia (Selucian: Summum Praetorium Selucianum), known colloquially as the Praetorium, is the headquarters of the Imperium Militare Coniunctum, and thus the HQ of the Armed Forces of Selucia. The Imperium Militare Coniunctum ("Joint Military Imperium" or "Joint Chiefs of Staff", abbreviated as IMC) is a body grouping all officials with Imperium in Selucia for the purposes of coordinating the administrative, operational, and logistical requirements of the Armed Forces; the IMC is therefore formed of the Consuls, Dictator, and of leading Generals (Imperatores) and officers, and is the Selucian equivalent of a General Staff in other armed forces.

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