Sun Clan
Country YuDynastyFlag.png Indrala
Ethnicity Indralan
Founded c. 952 CE
Founder Zhaozi
Current head Jianxiao Emperor
Primary titles Imperial Clan of Indrala
Emperor of Indrala
Son of Heaven
Religion Jienism and Guidao
Cadet branches Byeon Clan
Sun Family

The Sun Clan (Indralan: 孫氏族; Sūn shìzú) is an Indralan noble family composed of the descendants of Zhaozi, military commander, philosopher and strategist of Shuro Dureas who founded the United Indralan Commonwealth around 1213 CE.

Founding and Early History[edit | edit source]

see Beiyidom of Fehua

The Sun Clan is one of Indrala's oldest noble families, founded after Zhaozi was awarded the title of Beiyi of Fehua by Shuro Dureas for his service as commander in 1213. The Sun Clan derives their name from Zhaozi's given name Sun. Over the span of nearly 725 years of Sun Clan rule, the Beiyidom of Fehua would become one of the largest and most powerful realms in Northern Indrala. The Beiyidom was formally dissolved in 1938 following the communist revolution and Indralan War of Independence. The anti-aristocratic views of the new communist regime forced the Sun Clan into hiding for many years.

Middle Years (1938-4141)[edit | edit source]

The Sun Clan maintained a low profile for a number of years, quietly amassing a fortune in commodity trading. During the monarchial periods, the Sun Clan would occasionally re-emerge, although it was widely regarded as a burgher-class family rather than an aristocratic family by the ruling classes. There are challenges in researching the family during this period, as most records on the Sun Clan are held by the family and very rarely provided to the public. It is also during this period that many tangental lines would break from the main clan, leading to a much smaller number of members.

Modern Period (4141-present)[edit | edit source]

Sun Bongyi founded the Sun Group in 4180, formally entering the family into the world of business. Over the next 100 years, the Sun Group would become one of Indrala's largest caizu conglomerates, forcing the family to return to the public spotlight. The most recent developments in the Sun family have been tragic, with the death of 5 different members within 40 years, leaving just Sun Yue and Sun Luhan as the last surviving members of the Clan.[1]

Private estate[edit | edit source]

Before assuming the Dragon Throne, the Sun Clan was one of Indrala's wealthiest families. Their personal wealth has continued to grow through profits derived from property, investments, art and jewelry.

Private palaces and residences[edit | edit source]

Residences, palaces and other properties privately owned by the Sun Clan.

Picture Residence Location Notes
Cds1.jpg Château du Sirault Lourenne.Flag.png St. Madelaine, Luçande, Lourenne Purchased in 4454 for $3 million.
Yj1.png Yeon-an Jang-won DranianFederationFlag.png MagadoniaDankuk Purchased in 4464 for $17 million.

References[edit | edit source]

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