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Sun Gyeong-yun
Sun Gyeong-yun

In office
20 May 3485 – 20 Feb 3590
Preceded by
Jon L. Kim
Succeeded by
Park Sooyoung

In office
20 Sep 3472 – 20 Sep 3476
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
10 Jun 3469 – 4 Jun 3477
Preceded by
Succeeded by

KSDP Parliamentary Leader
In office
14 Jan 3464 – 20 Sep 3472
Preceded by
Succeeded by

15 January 3437
20 February 3590
Political party
Sun Angli
Tae-gun, Hye-yung, Chol-sun
Alma Mater
College Administrator, Professor, Politician

Sun Gyeong-yun (b. 15 January 3437; d. 20 February 3590) was the 27th President of Dranland and was also President of Gongmangdo University. He was a prominent leader in the Social Democratic Party. Sun was killed in the 2/20 terrorist attacks on Gongmangdo.

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