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Supreme Council


Chaego Rodong Wiwonhoe
Term limits
FoundedAugust 15, 4929
DisbandedDecember 23, 4958
Succeeded byNational Congress
Chairwoman of the Supreme Rowi
Hong Seo-Yeon, CPRU
since 29 August 4929
Yoon Seok-Jin, CPRU
since 29 August 4929
Political groups
      CPRU (687)
Length of term
6 years (72 months)
Indirect Rowi Apportionment
Meeting place
The Green House, Seongtaek
Rowiet Constitution

The Supreme Council of the Union of Communist Councilist Republics (Kyomal: 로연최고로동위원회) was the unicameral legislature of the Rowiet Union; indirectly elected and apportioned through the councils of the union republics. It served to create treaties and laws to govern the UCCR; and rubber stamped policies of the Commissarial Council as designated by the Presidium of the CPRU. The Supreme Rowi, though the only constantly-convened legislature, was not the highest governing body in Rowiet law, and was allowed to be superseded by a temporary Congress of the Rowis if called for. It de facto succeeded the Senado Federal in the sense of legislative powers, but was radically different in appointment, function, and structure.

The Supreme Rowi voted to dissolve itself and transform into the National Congress at it's final session on December 23, 4958. This session would recognize the Free Republic of Dankuk as the successor state to the Rowiet Union.

DankukFlag.png 대단민국
Free Republic of Dankuk

Seongtaek (Central Capital)
Geography History Culture Economy Government
History Baekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranlandDranian Zenshō RevolutionEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo RevolutionHouse of RyeoHouse of SantiagoKyobando ManifestoKyo-Indralan Revolutionary WarAugust RevolutionDranian Civil WarTimeline of the History of Dankuk
Subdivisions Provinces: Eljang.png EljangReuni.png RhynachMyeoggi.png MyeoggiEurbrak.png UlbracaHonggi.png Hyonggi
Metropolitan Cities:
Hyeokjincityflag.png HyeokjinSinsucityflag.png Gran NorteIlbaecityflag.png Llwybr HawlTaeyangcityflag.png Taeyang

Capital City: Seongtaekcityflag.png Seongtaek

List of cities in Dankuk

Politics President of DankukChairman of the Council of MinistersNational CongressConstitution of Dankuk
Political Parties: CPRU • MRD
Demographics Religion: Aurorian Patriarchal ChurchDaenismSeodongyoSindoZenshō
Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKyo