Ecumenical Synod of Kathura
Kathura synod
Coburan and Hobrazian delegations
Date4232 - 4237
Accepted byApostolic Church of the East
Previous councilSynod of Qart Qildar
Convoked byMar Daniel IV
PresidentMar Daniel IV
TopicsOrdination of women, reorganization of Apostolic Church of the East, canon law
LocationKathura, Barmenistan

The Synod of Kathura [1] was an Ecumenical Synod of the Apostolic Church of the East, convened by Barmenian Patriarch Daniel IV.

In spite of thorough opposition from the Cildanian and Tewahedo delegations, the Synod ultimately concluded with a further entrenchment of Kathuran theology and organization within the Apostolic Church of the East. The ordination of women as priests and even bishops was formalized, the ecclesiastic domain of the Barmenian Church was expanded to include all of continental Majatra, the Coburan Apostolic Tewahedo Church was placed in a subordinate position to the Barmenian Church, the canon law of the latter was adopted, to an extent, for the wider Apostolic communion, and the Apostolic Army in Majatra was recognized as a "relief organization" and formal organ of the Church.

Additionally the participants of the previous Synod were al canonized as saints, and the Creed of Qart Qildar was recognized as the official Creed of the Apostolic Church of the East.


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