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Szalay Bálint

His official portrait as Supreme Chairman

Supreme Chairman of the Council of Grand Directors of Endralon
In office
December, 4740 – December, 4744
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Political party
Ndrálon People's Party
Szalayné Marika
Citadel, Hugamest
Soldier, politician, high school teacher

Szalay Bálint is a syldavian soldier, politician and high school teacher and the Supreme Chairman (Head of State) of Endralon from December, 4740 to December 4744.

Early life and soldier Edit

He was born in 4692 in Hugamest in an upper middle-class family.

He fought in the Endralonese Civil War as a lieutenant of the Republican Federation. But he don't entered to the Köztársaságpárt /Republic Party/ after the war because he don't agreed with the centre-left principles of it.

After the war, he became a high school teacher in the Rákóczi Alajos High School in Hugamest.

Political carrier Edit

He was a good friend of Kálnay Dávid, the first and former leader of the Ndrálon People's Party. He invited Szalay to his party.

In the 4740 Endralonese Parliamentary Elections, Szalay elected to Head of State. But after one term he outgoes.

Death Edit

He was died in 4778[1], when he was 86 years old in Hugamest, peacefully.

References Edit

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