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Szary Kamien
Grey Rock
Voivodeship Capital
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City Insignia
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City Insignia
Motto: E Mari Merces
Country3elkEn.png Valruzia
VoivodeshipKampania VS Flag.png Kampania Voivodeship
CountyCity with County Status
Districts11 Boroughs
Founded byJerzy Sommer
SeatCity Council
(24 City Councilpersons)
 • PresidentHelena Kroll (PKN)
 • Total995.000 (Metro) 2.030/km2
1.045.000 (M.Ar.) 1.658/km2
 • DensityTemplate:Infobox settlement/densdisp
Demonym(s)Gyfit Citizen(Gryfitczanin/-czanka)
Postal Code32788-45844
Area Code032

Szary Kamień (Speaker.png listen) (lut.: Grey Rock) is the largest city and the capital of the Kampania Voivodeship in northwestern Valruzia. Located in the Bay of Czechot, a part of the Valruzian Sea, and approximately 20 kilometers from the border with Likatonia. It is a major seaport and fifth-largest city in Valruzia with a population of 995 thousand citizens (when counted with the metropolitan region the population rises to 1.045 million).

Due to its geography Szary Kamien is home to the largest naval base in Valruzia and numerous naval installations. It is also home to Dorvish "Heike Grossberg" Naval Installation which is the only foreign military base in the country.

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