Szwarzentel Investments S.A.
Type Joint-stock company
Founded July, 4240
Headquarters Brzansk, Ruzian Voivodeship
Key People President Andrzej Rosenberg
CEO Longin Szwarzentel
CFO Anna Szwarzentel
Branch Various
Products Banking Services, Housing, Telecommunication, Transport, Real-Estate, Construction, Airline Services
Subsidiaries LOT Valruzian Airlines (100%)
LOT Cargo (100%)
Interconnect (100%)
Homeconnect (100%)
Dorvish Airways (15% - MCA)
Employees 574.000
Website www.szwarzentel.wr

Szwarzentel Investments S.A. is a holding company headquartered in Brzansk in the Republic of Valruzia. The company is engaged in a wide variety of financial activities, including real-estate, construction, banking, high-tech and most recently airline industry with the purchase of 100% of LOT Group from the government of Valruzia, and becoming the controler of 15% of Dorvish Airways.

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