Tūtism is a denomination of Arkhē Mumenhes, it is the most traditional and orthadox group in Arkhē Mumenhes it was founded in 12 BCE by prophet Tūt (a major priest)

Beliefs Edit

The beliefs in Tūtism are very controversial, as they believe Arkhē made everything perfect and changes within the natural behaviors are seen as heresy. Within modern culture 'Tūts' are very intolerant with homosexuality, incest & bestiality. All forms of these grade A heretical acts are of the highest levels of blasphemy.

Activities Edit

Tūts hold activities all year from celebrating the birth of Tūt to the sacrificing of animals for Arkhē, Tūts pray every month by going to a temple and pray in large groups by kneeling and giving thanks to the great Arkhē.

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