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Taisho Komei
Taisho Komei

Party Leader, Tenno
Preceded by
Succeeded by

April 7th, 2605
June 9th, 2662
Political party
Aria Semi
Senel Komei, Ryu Komei
08 New Komeitō Complex, Seritei
Statesman, Model, Designer

Taisho Komei was the eighth de facto leader of the Democratic Socialists Party of the Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo.


Early LifeEdit

Taisho was born to Haruto Komei and Asuru Ogawa (then unwed) in Kasmenai, Sekowo in 2605.

Taisho spent the first five years of his life with his parents traveling between Kasmenai and Agron, Argos for their respective position, Haruto being a federal representative and Asuru a state representative.

In 2611, when Taisho was six his parents were involved in a plane crash, leaving his mother dead and father in critical condition. For the next seven years Taisho and his father, at the time in a long process of recovery, lived in Kyoshi with the Ishida branch of the family.

Teen YearsEdit

Taisho spent his teen years studying various things, attending five different schools and universities. Taisho spent nearly all f his time during this period busy with various projects and had little of a 'personal life'.

Fashion StintEdit

Taisho, originally planning on going into archaeology ended up going making a name for himself in the fashion world, working as both a designer and a model. The move was influenced by his aunt, the designer and Empress of Shiratoku Sakura Ishida.

Political CareerEdit

Taisho, having originally given up on politics as a career path after studying it at Kasmenai University for two years, was convinced by his cousin Danael Ishida to enter into politics when he was twenty-one. Taisho successfully won the election as the representative of the Kyoshi metropolitan area in the Shiratoku state legislature with sixty percent of the vote.

In 2629 at twenty-four Taisho was elected to the DSP Executive Council and subsequently elected as the speaker of the council becoming the de facto leader of the DSP.


Following the selection of Ayako Ishida as his successor Taisho entered stasis in 2662.

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