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A note on organisation of this page. The seventeen "meta-ideologies" are taken to approximate the equivalent page on Wikipedia. In terms of adding or removing, there may be an argument for the removal of "anti-politics" given that it does currently have any pages, however I think instead we should use this as an incentive to develop this part of the Wiki. When adding an ideology to the list, please ensure it is not already present in another section.

In addition try to limit the number of sections that it is included in to no more than two or (in very rare cases) three. The "meta-ideologies" are not intended to be comprehensive, instead they should provide some idea of the dominant ideological tradition in the case of each specific ideology. For example, Ozkanism could feasibly be included in five or six sections but it has been placed in "populism" and "nationalism" because these are the key defining characteristics of the ideology.

jamescfm (talk) 13:52, June 5, 2020 (UTC)

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