Taran Heavy Trucks
Taran Těžke Nákladní Auta

Type Part of VAG
Industry Automotive
Founded December 4178
Headquarters Tepesovo
Key people Bohuslav Vertelnyk (President)
Joanna Szmidt (CEO)
Milos Hartmann (CFO)
Products Trucks
Services Production, Distribution and Maintenance
Area Served Majatra, Seleya
Revenue Increase VPO 42.7 bn (4738)
Operating Income Increase VPO 8.4 bn (4738)
Total Assets Increase VPO 54.1 bn (4738)
Employees 16.000 (4738)
Owners VAG - (61.9%)
Vertelnyk family - (38.1%)
Website www.taran.dt

Taran Heavy Trucks is a company producing trucks and utility vehicles. It is based and headquartered in Tepesovo in Darali Province of Deltaria. It was established by Milosz Sobotka in 4178 making it one of the longest running companies in Deltaria. It specializes in producing heavy, utilitarian trucks in both civilian and military configuration. In its begining the company manufactured passenger vehicles which were, at that time, one of the most innovative designs in the world, but later the company became specializing in the development and production of trucks which are its main and only product. In 4368 Valruzian holding Brzansk Automotive Factory announced that it purchased majority of shares (61.9%) and became the largest structural shareholder of the company. As for now Taran has production facilities in Deltaria, but plans are made to expand the production of trucks to Valruzia and in the future to other countries on the Seleyan continent. As a result of BFS being aquired by Valruzian Automotive Group - Taran is now part of VAG.

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